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has a strong tradition of providing quality education and tutoring.  For more than 7 years, we have worked with 1000+ students to build on their successes step by step.

Our team of 24+ tutors are each specialized in a subject area.  Our focus is to help our students to build a solid academic foundation so that they will succeed in the long run. We offer Math tutoring, Science tutoring, English tutoring, and more!

Queen Elizabeth Academy


Congratulations to our students who were admitted to their top choice university (Queens, Wilfred Laurier, McGill etc.).  Our students obtained scholarships from $2,000 to $23,000

Jeff R.                                    Queen’s Commerce

Paul M.                               Queen’s Engineering

Melissa W.                                      Western Ivey

Taylor W.                      Western Medical Science

Josh M.                                                    OCAD

Miranda D.            Wilfred Laurier BBA (Co-op)

Colin H.                               Queen’s Commerce

Stephanie L.                        Queen’s Commerce

Jeremy R.                                        Western Ivey

Robbie M.             Wilfrid Laurier BBA (Co-op)

Eric M.                   Wilfrid Laurier BBA (Co-op)

Jiv S.                        Wilfrid Laurier BBA (Coop)

Vivian T.                                     U of T Rotman

Stacy L.                              Western  Engineering

Laura P.                        Western Medical Science

David P.                                      U of T Rotman

Britney R.              Wilfred Laurier BBA (Co-op)

Monika S.                       Western Health Science

Lisa V.                                  U of T Architecture

Katie F.                                             McGill Arts

Carter S.                                          Western Ivey

James B                              Wilfred Laurier BBA

Sydney H.                          Queen’s Engineering

Brianna M.                              Waterloo Science

Sam A.                                      Queen’s  Science

Bill N.                              Waterloo Mathematics

Catherine M.                        McGill Engineering

Jennifer F.                            Queen’s Commerce

Craig C.                              Western Engineering

Allen T.                               Queen’s Engineering

Building Academic Success Step by StepHome_files/Academic%20Advice%20-%20Building%20Academic%20Success%20Step%20by%20Step.pdf

For Tutoring or Credit Courses inquiry: 

( 9 0 5 )  2 7 6 - 5 5 5 6

Academic Advice

(for Parents and Students)


Programs for

Student Athletes

Meet our Tutors - Math, Physics and Chemistry Tutor in Mississauga and Oakville

Renuka R.

Math Tutor

Teaches:  Advanced Functions

1200+ hours of tutoring experience.  Specialized in making complex concepts easy to understand

Our Approach to Learninghttp://www.providencemcat.com/MCAT/Pre_Med_Deals.html

Laura C.

MD Candidate

Harvard University

Queen Elizabeth Advisor

Designed Learning Strategies for our courses. 

by Yun C.

MD-PhD Candidate. 

Harvard University

Queen Elizabeth Advisor

Exam Writing StrategiesHome_files/Academic%20Advice%20-%20Exam%20Writing%20Strategies.pdf

by Victor L.


Queen Elizabeth Academy

3 Tips in Building ConfidenceHome_files/Academic%20Advice%20-%203%20Tips%20for%20Building%20Confidence.pdf

by Victor L.


David T.

Ontario Certified Teacher

Queen Elizabeth English Teacher and Tutor

Click to download Our Approach to LearningHome_files/Our%20Approach%20to%20Learning%20Mathematics%20final%20copy_1.pdf

Learning Strategies designed

by Harvard educated experts

by Laura C.  MD Candidate. 

Harvard University

Queen Elizabeth Advisor


Organize Knowledgehttp://www.providencemcat.com/MCAT/Pre_Med_Deals.html

In our tutoring sessions, we help you organize knowledge and categorize types of problems so that it will be easier for you to retain knowledge.


Understand the fundamentalshttp://www.providencemcat.com/MCAT/Pre_Med_Deals.html

The key to understanding concepts is to know what it is and the why behind it.  Once you understand the fundamentals, solving problems will be a lot easier.


Foundation buildinghttp://www.providencemcat.com/MCAT/Pre_Med_Deals.html

Most students struggle and lose marks because they have foundational gaps.  The only way to fix this is by identifying the gaps and strengthening them with practice.  In our Math 12 course, for example, we provide 650 foundation skill problems and 1,600+ problems in the course

Our learning strategies are used in our private credit courses and in some of our tutoring programs

To strengthen a student’s understanding of a concept, there are 3 key elements that we employ in our tutoring sessions:


What is the concept?http://www.providencemcat.com/MCAT/Pre_Med_Deals.html

Understanding is more than just memorizing equations.  The student needs to clearly define the concept and its boundaries.


When do you use the concept?http://www.providencemcat.com/MCAT/Pre_Med_Deals.html

The student needs to understand when to apply the concept.  This comes with practice in applying the concept to many problems, so that the student can begin to recognize the pattern.


What rules apply to this concept?http://www.providencemcat.com/MCAT/Pre_Med_Deals.html

Any math or science concept can be deduced to 4 or 5 simple rules.  These rules should be “boxed” and constantly looked up when the student is practicing problems after a tutoring session

(c) Copyrighted 2008-2015.  Queen Elizabeth Academy.  All Rights Reserved.  Queen Elizabeth Academy has no affiliation with Harvard University, who do not endorse or sponsor our products.

Strategies to Overcome Careless MistakesHome_files/Three%20Strategies%20to%20Overcome%20Careless%20Mistakes-2.pdf

by Victor L.


Queen Elizabeth Academy

How to get Admitted to a Top Ranked UniversityHome_files/Academic%20Advice%20-%20How%20to%20get%20admitted%20to%20a%20top%20ranked%20university%20copy.pdf

by Victor L.


Queen Elizabeth Academy

David T.

Ontario Certified Teacher

Queen Elizabeth English Teacher and Tutor



How to Get Admitted to the Best Universities ?

Success Stories

Jerry T.

Admitted to Queen’s Commerce

John C.

Math Tutor and Science Tutor

Teaches:  Calculus, Advanced Functions, Physics

PhD Candidate, University of Toronto

Taught university math tutoring classes for 2+ years

and 27+ tutors each specializing in a subject area, grade and student’s need

Study HandbookHome_files/University%20Application%20Guide%20digital%20version%20p_2.pdf


Study Strategies by a Harvard Student

by Yun C.

MD-PhD Candidate. 

Harvard University

Queen Elizabeth Advisor

Taylor W.

Admitted to Western Medical Science

Sam A.

Admitted to Queen’s Science Honours

QEA Private Tutoring

QEA Private Credit Course

Queen Elizabeth Academy’s Private Tutoring Program provides our students with one on one, personalized tutoring lessons that are based on a step by step, easy to understand methodology. 


Step by Step Explanationhttp://www.providencemcat.com/MCAT/Pre_Med_Deals.html

For our science and math tutoring programs, we focus on providing step by step explanations during the tutoring session, facilitating the student’s understanding of the math and science concepts. 


Building Foundationshttp://www.providencemcat.com/MCAT/Pre_Med_Deals.html

Math and science are cumulative.  Therefore, building a good foundation is important for the student’s long-term success.  In our math and science tutoring, we focus on clarifying the student’s knowledge gaps to help them build a good foundation in math and science.

Queen Elizabeth Academy is a private tutoring school, provincially inspected by the Ministry of Education (BSID 882306).

Our tutoring success emanates from our philosophy of instruction that is easy to understand.


Small Class Sizeshttp://www.providencemcat.com/MCAT/Pre_Med_Deals.html

To maintain the quality of our lessons, class size is limited to a maximum of 8 students, giving students the opportunity to ask questions throughout the lesson.


Interactive Learning in a Supportive Atmospherehttp://www.providencemcat.com/MCAT/Pre_Med_Deals.html

Our class is fully interactive and mimics a university tutorial.  For example, when our students make math presentations, our teachers and classmates will ask questions on their solutions.  This encourages understanding of the math or science concept rather than on just memorizing equations.

                             Let Our Quality Math Tutors Help Your Child Succeed

Grade 9 and 10 math is a large leap from elementary school math, especially for those who scored 75% or lower. Many new math concepts are introduced, such as linear equations, quadratics and geometry. Math Tutors are thus neccessary. Every Math Tutor at QE Academy is trained to help students through every level and unit of math. Give our math tutors a try; you won’t be sorry.

Why you need a math tutor: common challenges in Grade 9 and 10 math include thinking problems and word problems. Students need to strengthen their foundational skills to succeed in Grade 9 and 10, especially if they have gaps in their Grade 8 and 9 learning. Math tutors will help fill in the gaps. Such gaps include integers, fractions, and linear equations. Students must work diligently in these areas in order to proceed on to Grade 11 math successfully. Our math tutors will be there every step of the way to guide them. During every session, our math tutors will go over new concepts and teach students tricks and tips to help them succeed.

It is a good idea to organize math problems into types. This will help you to determine which math problems give you the most difficulty, and then you will be able to focus on those ones.

As well, make sure to spend a considerable amount of time practicing beyond the math homework being assigned by your teacher. A Grade 9 or 10 math student should be doing about 5 hours of math work a week in order to do very well on the course. Always avoid, if you can, last minute studying before the test. You will be better off if you assess your math skills and knowledge on a regular basis.

Congratulations to Stephanie L., who ranked

Top 15 in Canada selected by University Hub.

Math Tutoring Mississauga

Physics Tutoring Mississauga

Chemistry Tutoring Mississauga

High School Tutoring Mississsauga

English Tutoring Mississauga

Feature Tutoring Serviceshttp://www.providencemcat.com/MCAT/Pre_Med_Deals.html

Advanced Functions Credit Course

Grade 11 Math Credit Course

Grade 10 Math Credit Course

Chemistry 12 Credit Course

Calculus Credit course

Feature Private Credit Courseshttp://www.providencemcat.com/MCAT/Pre_Med_Deals.html

Stephanie L., who scored 95% and ranked top 15 in Canada, shares her secrets of success in QEA interview

Our Approachhttp://www.providencemcat.com/MCAT/Pre_Med_Deals.html

At QEA, we focus on tutoring the students and build his or her foundation and understanding.  Our tutoring approach facilitates independent thinking, so that our students can analyze the questions properly. Our tutors go through math and science lessons step by step, and make sure that you have a firm foundation before they move onto more complex math and science concepts.


If you live in the Mississauga or Oakville area and are keen to improve in math, science, english, chemistry, biology, or physics, then come and meet with us today. Our private tutors are all experts in their subjects and will get you on the path to success!


Thank you QEA!  for the foundation

QEA Students maintain A average in university!

Queen’s Science

Sam A.

Queen’s Commerce

Stephanie L.

Wilfrid Laurier BBA

Yohan B.

Queen’s Engineering

Will O.

Western Ivey

Mark J.

Join the QEA Seminar @ U of T on Video:
How to Get into Top UniversitiesSeminar_on_Video.html

Admitted to

Western Ivey


Admitted to

Rotman Business School

Emily B.

Melissa S

Admitted to

Queen’s Commerce

Jerry T.

Join our yearly major event with nearly 100 parents and students.

In this video, you will find practical strategies by successful students who got into the top schools. You will see the typical challenges they faced and how they overcame them in order to succeed. 


Queen Elizabeth Academy

Victor L.

  1. What do successful students do to make them stand out in the application?

  1. Time Management - how to balance heavy academic and extracurriculars?

  1. How to plan and write the university application essay?

  1. How to study effectively to get higher grades?

* QEA has no affiliation with University of Toronto, who do not endorse our products or services.

Ben T.

English Teacher

Teaches:  English grade 5 to 12

PhD Candidate, English literature

Writing Course Director, Guelph-Humber University 

Candy C.

Math Teacher

Teaches:  Calculus, Grade 9-12 Math

Certified Teacher, Mathematics.

6 years of university teaching experience as a TA

Aditya S.

Science Tutor

Teaches:  Chemistry, Math 9-12

Recipient of E.A. Robinson Medal.  Rank#1 in Science,

University of Toronto

TA teaching first year university tutorial