Every year many of our students are accepted to top universities (Queens, Western, Waterloo, Wilfred Laurier, McGill etc.) with scholarship ranging from $2,000 to $23,000.

Success Stories

Jeremy R.

1st year student

McGill University

Queen Elizabeth

former student

Tutored for:  Adv Functions, Calculus.

When I was in grade 11

and 12 I went to Queen Elizabeth for Adv Functions and Calculus tutoring help.  They taught me a lot more than just the curriculum.  I learnt a lot more on study strategies and short cuts on complex math equations.  It makes my university first year a lot easier!

Taylor W.

4th year student

Queen Elizabeth

former student

Tutored for:  Calculus, Chemistry and Physics

My goal is to get into

medicine.  In my high

school years I went to Queen Elizabeth Academy, which taught me very useful studying strategies in chemistry and calculus.  After each lesson my tutor Grace would ask me to explain the concepts back to her.  This strategy really helped me even throughout my university years to achieve academic success.

Western Medical Science

Robbie M.

3rd year student

Queen Elizabeth

former student

Private credit course:  Grade 11 Math, Adv Functions, Calculus

I am in my 3rd year  now at Wilfred Laurier

Queen Elizabeth had given me a good knowledge foundation in high school, in the math credit courses I have taken from them.  I did well in my first year, thanks to them.

Wilfred Laurier BBA

Jeff R.                                    Queen’s Commerce

Paul M.                               Queen’s Engineering

Melissa W.                                      Western Ivey

Taylor W.                      Western Medical Science

Josh M.                                                    OCAD

Miranda D.            Wilfred Laurier BBA (Co-op)

Colin H.                               Queen’s Commerce

Jeremy R.                                        Western Ivey

Robbie M.             Wilfred Laurier BBA (Co-op)

Vivian T.                                     U of T Rotman

Stacy L.                              Western  Engineering

Laura P.                        Western Medical Science

David P.                                      U of T Rotman

Britney R.              Wilfred Laurier BBA (Co-op)

Monika S.                       Western Health Science

Lisa V.                                  U of T Architecture

Katie F.                                             McGill Arts

Carter S.                                          Western Ivey

Catherine M.                        McGill Engineering

Lauren H.                           Wilfred Laurier BBA

Ryan K.                                Queen’s Economics

James B                   Waterloo Computer Science

                            and Laurier BBA double degree

Jennifer F.                            Queen’s Commerce

Derek F.                             Wilfred Laurier BBA

Sam A.                                      Waterloo Science

Laura M.                                    Boston College

Irfaan A.                             Wilfred Laurier BBA

Michelle N.                   Queen’s Concurrent Ed.

Mary H.                              Queen’s Engineering

Nicole A.                            Wilfred Laurier BBA

Alley N.                          Western Health Science

Sydney H.                           Queen’s Engineering

Victoria N.                   Schulich Business School

Congratulations to our students who were admitted to their top choice universities

Jerry T.

1st year student

Queen’s Commerce

Queen Elizabeth

former student

Tutored for:  Adv Functions, Calculus, Chemistry

Jerry T.

1st year student

Queen’s Commerce

Queen Elizabeth

former student

Tutored for:  Adv Functions, Calculus, Chemistry

I worked very hard

in my high school year but still needed a bit more help, and that’s when I seek Queen Elizabeth tutoring for help.  I was taught Adv Functions and Calclulus from the academy which helped me better understand many concepts, resulting in an extra 3-5% grade boost.  When I was competing for the top school with a high-80, that extra boost to the 90’s really made a difference.

Jennifer F.                            Queen’s Commerce

Craig C.                              Western Engineering

Taylor W.

Admitted to Western Medical Science

Tutored for:  Chemistry and Calculus

Sam A.

Admitted to Queen’s Science Honours

Tutored for:  Grade 12 Advanced Functions and Calculus