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We focus on building the foundation of the students, through understanding and not memorizing. This is especially important for AP calculus AB. In this process, we help them to achieve their academic goals. If you are seeking a AP calculus AB tutor, you come to the right place!

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Queen Elizabeth Academy offers the best tutoring services in building the foundation of our students. If you are a student enrolled in an AP calculus AB course, or preparing for an AP calculus AB exam, we can support you through our step by step explanation, by our professional tutor team.

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Queen Elizabeth Academy has a strong tradition of providing high-quality education to students in studying AP calculus AB and other subjects. For students who are preparing for AP calculus AB, we build the foundation of understanding, not quick fix, to nurture their long term success.

Over the past 9 years, we worked with thousands of students in various subjects, including AP calculus AB, many of our students were admitted to top US colleges or Canadian universities: UC Berkeley, Princeton University, Cornell University, Boston University, Queen's, Waterloo and McGill.

Many of our alumni have entered medical schools, MA, PhD or employed by global firms such as KPMG and Fidelity Investments.

AP calculus AB - Private Tutoring in Greenwich

Learn the Calculus concepts and problem solving with our best private AP calculus AB tutors in Greenwich, CT. We have good track records with our students achieving 5 (highest grades) in AP calculus AB. We have the experience and expertise.

note that this is a sample of our AP Calculus AB class to give you an idea. Our AP calculus AB tutoring is similar and it's private one on one.

If you are seeking a AP Calculus AB tutor, you came to the right place! in Queen Elizabeth Academy, we provide high quality AP Calculus AB tutoring programs for students who are attending the course or preparing for the AP Calculus AB exam

Private Tutoring on AP calculus AB in Greenwich

AP calculus AB is a challenging subject for a lot of students. One challenge is the foundation gaps that students have from previous grades, such as factoring or graphing, combining with the complex concepts that students need to understand. Many students are accustomed to "plugging-in" formulas or memorizing steps. This will never work in AP calculus AB. There are just too many variety of questions and students are required to work forward / backwards, combining different equations to solve a problem. The student also needs to understand when to use what, by recognizing clues on the question. This is always difficult for a lot of students.

The first step in our AP calculus AB tutoring, is to explain the concept. Students need to understand what limits and derivative is, as well as the rationale behind the steps. We also rigorously go through the problems step by step, showing the tips on recognizing certain parts of the question and what methods to use. With good explanation and practice, student can advance and achieve good grades in both the AP calculus AB course and the exam.

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How can our AP calculus AB tutor in Greenwich help you?

All QE Calculus tutoring in Greenwich, CT, is one on one private. We teach the full lesson and review what you learned during the week. In this way, you won't miss anything.
Meet our AP calculus AB Tutoring Team
Nikki V.
QEA Math Teacher
Nikki is a certified teacher with Master degree in Education from University of Toronto. She has been working with QEA for over 6 years, and many of QEA top students came out of her class
  • Build foundation of AP calculus AB based on understanding, not memorizing
  • Teach you Calculus concepts in a way that you can understand
  • Go through homework problems from your school
    And College Board practice exams
  • Go through difficult application problems with step by step explanation
  • Teach you problem solving techniques to tackle AP calculus AB problems

AP calculus AB Tutoring

AP calculus AB is the starting point of calculus, which explores the fundamental concepts such as, limits, derivatives, application (word problems involving optimization) , integrals and simple differential equations. Students who has been learning math via memorizing steps and "plugging in" equations will find AP calculus AB very difficult. The first step is to understand the concepts and see how each piece related to another. For example, how does derivative of an equation relates to the graph? When you equate derivate to zero, what does it mean? How do you know if a function has an oblique asymptote?

Tackling AP calculus AB

In other words, students need to understand the concept and how it relates to another concept. They need to know how the concept is shown on a question and what does each part means. Once we explain this in our AP calculus AB tutoring session, the student can then apply this knowledge to solving the problem. And of course, in our calculus tutoring session, we work with the student through this step by step, with detailed explanation on each step, which is important.

AP calculus AB vs. BC

AP calculus AB is the entry level AP calculus AB, where as AP calculus AB BC is the advanced level. AP calculus AB BC cover all the Calculus AB topics, plus more advanced topics such as convergence, taylor series, and polar functions.

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Success Stories

Justin C.

Admitted to Master Degree program UC Berkeley Information and Data Sci. Graduate of Boston University

QEA student alumni

Madhavan A.

Admitted to Neuroscience program
University of Michigan

QEA student alumni

Caroline C.

Admitted to Engineering at Cornell University

QEA student alumni

Meet our AP calculus AB Tutors in Greenwich, CT
Note that our AP Calculus AB tutors are all our staff with long term commitment, training and experience. We are not an agency with random freelancers.

QEA’s approaches of tutoring AP Calculus AB in Greenwich, CT

Nikki V.
QEA Math Teacher
Nikki is a certified teacher with Master degree in Education from University of Toronto. She has been working with QEA for over 6 years, and many of QEA top students came out of her class
Amjad M.
QEA Math Teacher
Amjad earned his Master's degree in Mathematics at UofT and has assisted a number of students with Math subjects including Grade 11 Functions, Advanced Functions, and Calc at QE
Kosal C.
Master candidate, Mathematics
York University
QEA Math Tutor
AP calculus AB 1
Ben T.
English Teacher
Teaches:  English grade 5 to 12

PhD Candidate, English literature

Writing Course Director, Guelph-Humber University 

AP calculus AB Tutoring 1
Laura C.
MD Candidate
Harvard University

Queen Elizabeth Advisor

Designed Learning Strategies for our courses. 

AP calculus AB 2
John C.
Math Tutor and Science Tutor
Teaches:  Calculus, Advanced Functions, Physics

PhD Candidate, University of Toronto

Taught university math tutoring classes for 2+ years

AP calculus AB 2
Renuka R.
Math Tutor
Teaches:  Advanced Functions

1200+ hours of tutoring experience.  Specialized in making complex concepts easy to understand

AP calculus AB Tutoring 2
Candy C.
Math Teacher
Teaches:  Calculus, Grade 9-12 Math

Certified Teacher, Mathematics.

6 years of university teaching experience as a TA

AP calculus AB 3
Aditya S.
Science Tutor
Teaches:  Chemistry, Math 9-12

Recipient of E.A. Robinson Medal.  Rank#1 in Science, University of Toronto

TA teaching first year university tutorial

and 27+ tutors each specializing in a subject area, grade and student’s need

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AP calculus AB 4
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AP calculus AB 5
AP calculus AB Tutoring 5
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AP calculus AB 6
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If you are taking AP calculus AB at Greenwich, CT, you have found the right place!

AP calculus AB Tutoring
in Greenwich, CT

The AP calculus AB Course

The AP calculus AB course is an entry level calculus course that covers key calculus concepts, including limits, derivatives, optimization problems, and differential equations. To score well on AP calculus AB course, the student needs to understand the concept and applying to various problems. Barely memorizing equations and "plugging-in" will not work. In addition, the student needs to review the foundation concepts before starting the course. This is critical as the first one or two steps of your test solution will be calculus, but simplifying, solving the problem, and the rest of the steps require prior foundation knowledge. In QE AP calculus AB tutoring, we start off with reviewing the pre-calculus foundation skills, which is critical to our student's success.

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AP calculus AB topics

In taking AP calculus AB courses, here are the topics covered:

Limit & Continuity - AP calculus AB
  1. The law of limits
  2. Deriving limits from a graph
  3. Deriving limits algebraically
  4. Understanding Squeeze theorem
  5. L'Hospital's Rule
  6. Determining vertical asymptotes with limits
  7. Understanding continuity
  8. Theorem of Intermediate value
Derivatives - AP calculus AB
  1. Understanding derivative
  2. Determining derivatives from a table
  3. Understanding power rule and chain rule
  4. Chain rule
  5. Finding the derivative of: trigonometric functions; exponential functions and logarithmic functions
  6. Derivative of exponential functions
  7. Derivative of logarithmic functions
  8. Product rule
  9. Quotient rule
  10. Derivative of inverse trigonometric functions
  11. Implicit differentiation
  12. Higher order derivatives
Derivative Applications - AP calculus AB
  1. Slope and equation of tangent line
  2. Critical number and maximum and minimum values
  3. Curve sketching
  4. Mean value theorem
  5. Rectilinear motion: Derivative
  6. Related rates
  7. Optimization
Integrals - AP calculus AB
  1. The law of antiderivatives
  2. Understanding Riemann Sum
  3. Exploring integral
  4. Fundamental theorem of calculus
Integration techniques - AP calculus AB
  1. U-Substitution
  2. Integration using trigonometric identities
  3. Trigonometric substitution
Integral Applications - AP calculus AB
  1. Deriving the average value of a function
  2. Areas between curves
  3. Volumes of solids with known cross-sections
  4. Learning volumes of solids of revolution - Disc method
  5. Learning volumes of solids of revolution - Shell method
Differential Equations - AP calculus AB
  1. Exploring differential equations
  2. Separable equations
  3. Modelling differential equations
  4. Slope fields

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AP calculus AB - foundation skills check list

Before taking an AP calculus AB course, make sure that you are familiar with these foundation skills set. In enrolling in QE program, we provide a foundation skill worksheet package in your first day of class.

  1. Factoring - especially trinomial factoring
  2. Understanding Domain and Range in all situations (discontinuity, asymptotes etc.)
  3. Graphing Rational functions with asymptotes
  4. Rationalizing with conjugates
  5. Combining rational functions via fraction addition / subtraction
  6. Solving equations
  7. Expanding polynomial expression via Foil and other techniques
  8. Quadratics functions, especially solving for roots via factoring and quadratic formula
  9. Trigonometry. Graphing trig functions
  10. Trigonometry. Solving Trig functions
  11. Trigonometry. Determining Trig ratio from a grid
  12. Exponents. Combining and simplifying exponents
  13. Exponents. Solving exponential equations
  14. Logarithm. Solving log functions
  15. Logarithm. Graphing log functions

and more...

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Tackling AP calculus AB Course

To score well in an AP calculus AB course, the student needs to first grasp the concept, especially to understand how one concept relates to another, and how the parts are connected. For example, a student will solve a derivative function f'(x) = 0. What does it mean on the graph? What if the function is not solvable, then what does the graph look like? How does this relate to domain and range of the function?

This understanding is essential to score well in AP Calculus AB course.

Therefore, in our AP calculus AB tutoring, our tutor will explain this concept and going over problem step by step. This is to facilitate understanding, not memorizing.

The second requirement on the student, is to have a profound understanding and practice on foundation skill. We have listed the foundation skill required for calculus AB. it is essential for the student to practice and excel this skill before starting the course. The first step or two of your calculus solution may relate to new concepts, but the rest of the steps, such as simplifying an equation or graphing, is all depended on your foundation skill. If a student is lacking foundation skill, then he / she will make mistake throughout the test / exam and ended up with a low grade.

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AP calculus AB Exam

AP calculus AB exam contains 2 parts:

Section 1: Multiple Choice - 45 questions: 1 hour 45 minutes. This covers 50% of the exam score

Part A - 30 questions, 60 minutes

Part B: 15 questions, 45 minutes

Section 2: Free Response - 6 questions. 1 hour 30 miinutes. This covers 50% of the exam score

Part A: 2 questions, 30 minutes

Part B: 4 questions, 60 minutes

Multiple-Choice, Section I Part A Multiple-Choice, Section I Part B Free-Response, Section II Part A Free-Response, Section II Part B
Questions required 30 questions 15 questions 2 questions 4 questions
Time duration 60 minutes 45 minutes 30 minutes 60 minutes
Calculator allowed
Difficulty level Medium Medium-hard Hard Hard
Multiple-Choice, Section I Part A
# of Questions 30
Time Allowed 60 minutes
Calculator Use No
Multiple-Choice, Section I Part B
# of Questions 15
Time Allowed 45 minutes
Calculator Use Yes
Free-Response, Section II Part A
# of Questions 2
Time Allowed 30 minutes
Calculator Use Yes
Free-Response, Section II Part B
# of Questions 4
Time Allowed 60 minutes
Calculator Use No

AP calculus AB exam - Section 1:

Section 1 on AP Calculus exam are multiple choice, which are short answer problems that the student can solve quickly (and make the choice). These questions include algebraic problems as well as graphing problems. The student also need to solve conceptual problems. What does this mean? For instance, if a derivative of a graph is positive, then the student needs to point out whether the graph is increasing or decreasing. This demand the student to understand the general concept, in addition to calculations. We also have various strategies to tackle these types of problems.

QE tutor will provide important strategies to tackle multiple choice. And with practice, our student will excel in their understanding and achieve good score, as in our good track record.

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AP calculus AB exam - Section 2:

Section 2 on AP calculus AB exam is a Free Response section, where the student needs to write out the full solution based on a short answer problem. These questions typically compose of multiple parts, where the student needs tos solve one part before proceeding to the next.

These questions involve calculations (with numbers), graphing, word problems and solution with explanations

The key to scoring well in AP calculus AB Free Response question, is to have an indepth understanding of the concept, and practice through a large variety of problems. One of the key challenges for a lot of students, is having trouble to know where to start. This means the student needs to observe the characteristics of the question and understand how to apply the concept. With QE tutoring, we run through the problems with the student step by step, explaining the rationale.

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Details of difference between AP calculus AB vs. BC

The key difference between Caculus AB and Calculus BC, beside the difficulty, is the topics being covered. Calculus AB includes topics such as derivatives, limits, integrals and the fundamental theorem of calculus.

Calculus BC expand these topic further to include polar functions, Taylor series, vector calculus and others. In this way, it extends to more advanced topics and require better techniques to score well.

Should a student choose Calculus AB vs. BC?

It's better to have a strong foundation first, with Calculus AB, then proceed into Calculus BC in your senior year. It's important to set yourself up for success, rather than overloading yourself with a lot of difficult courses and perform in a weak manner.

If you are planning to enter engineering, medical science and other advance science fields, then Calculus BC is definitely a choice, as it will prepare you to first year college. For some colleges, you can earn college level credit in advanced, if you score well on your AP exams. This will definitely give you a strong headstart.

AP calculus AB Tutoring 6
Thank you QEA for the foundation
QEA Students maintain A average in university!

Students tutored by QEA in calculus and other subjects

AP calculus AB 7
Yohan B.
Wilfrid Laurier BBA
AP calculus AB Tutoring 7
Will O.
Queen’s Engineering
AP calculus AB 8
Mark J.
Western Ivey
AP calculus AB 8
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Queen’s Commerce
AP calculus AB Tutoring 8
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Queen’s Science
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FAQ - AP calculus AB
Greenwich, CT

What is AP calculus AB equivalent to?

AP calculus AB has similar difficulty level as your college calculus in first semester

Is AP calculus AB hard?

The AP calculus AB is one of the toughest courses in high school. Not only is the concept challenging, you need to learn problem solving techniques to score well on the exam. You need to study hard and have a deep understanding of the concepts to do well.

Is AP calculus AB worth it?

AP calculus AB is definitely worth attempting. This course prepares the student for first year college and many colleges recognize it highly. You will learn the foundation and skills for you to perform in first year.

What is AP calculus AB good for?

AP calculus AB is highly recognized by colleges and prepare the student for first year college. Many colleges will give credit for the students who have completed this course successfully.

What is the difference between Calculus AB and Calculus BC?

Calculus AB is the entry level calculus course, where as BC covers the same topic plus additional advanced topics. Calculus AB covers topic such as limits, derivatives, optimization problems, graphing, and integrals, whereas BC covers the same, plus Taylor series, integral by parts, polar graphing

What does AB stand for in calculus?

AP calculus AB stands for Advanced Placement calculus. It is the first calculus course after the student has taken pre-calculus.

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