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5 Tips in Keeping your Child Organized

Tip 1:  Develop a schedule and have your child buy into it.

Developing the schedule is the start; the key is having your child agree to it.  Once they do agree, the ball will start rolling.

Break down the test or project into manageable pieces.  It’s better to tackle small parts than to try and overcome...


by Victor Lee

Principal, Queen Elizabeth Academy

How to Overcome Careless MistakesAcademic_Advice_files/Three%20Strategies%20to%20Overcome%20Careless%20Mistakes-2.pdf
Building Academic Success Step by Step

Building Consistent Study Habits

Achieving good grades and accomplishing your goals in high school come through hard work, and the ability to work consistently is attainable only with structured schedules and well thought out study habits.  

What exactly is a ‘habit’?  A study habit is an acquired behaviour pattern regularly...Academic_Advice_files/Building%20Academic%20Success%20Step%20by%20Step%20copy.pdf

by Yun C.

MD-PhD Candidate at Harvard University

Yun is a Queen Elizabeth Advisor

Tip #1:  Time Management

A master schedule of their activities is a great idea to stay organized and ahead of the game.  Pick up a calendar and start filling in blocks of time that you already know will be taken.

Tip #2:  Prioritize

Do what is most important first.  Work with your child to list out the top ten most important things to do at the beginning of the week (Sunday).  Make sure this list is visible to you and your child.  As they go down from 1-10, you can monitor their progress and speed, as well as notice if their study habits are effective.

Tip #3:  Seek a healthy, balanced lifestyel

Sleep is key.  Studies have shown that students who sleep well and regular do better in school, have a lower rate of car accidents, and a higher immune system.

Tip #4:  Support your child

Listen when your child is talking to you.  More often than not, teenagers will feel like they aren’t able to relate to their parents.  Make sure you maintain open lines of communication with your child, listen, and offer support in a sympathetic manner.


Victor Lee.  Principal, Queen Elizabeth Academy

David Tam.  Ontario Certified Teacher

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Helping your Teen Cope with Stress in School

Academic Advice

Careless mistakes are underrated, overlooked portion of academic problems.  Since these are problems that students would normally do properly, it is difficult for them to comprehend how serious this issue really is.  Carelessness usually counts for a 10-15% reduction on their overall marks...

by Victor Lee

Principal, Queen Elizabeth Academy

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