3 Key Strategies to Succeed in High School – Part 2

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  • Doing more than is expected of you

Successful students come in many shapes and sizes, however, they all have one thing in common. They do more than is expected of them. What distinguishes average students from exceptional students is the amount of effort they put into their studies.

It is a common misconception that students can succeed and thrive by simply doing all of their homework. While this will help them to do well on Knowledge Sections of tests and assignments, they would be unprepared for application and thinking sections. This means that even a student who did perfectly on all their homework, they would still be challenged to reach higher than a 65% or 70% overall. As we have heard before, application and thinking questions are the key to success in high school, and these take effort and rigour to perform well on.

Students who enrol in programs here will be assigned homework beyond what is signed in class along with the lessons. The idea is to practice a variety of problems so there aren’t surprises On the test. This will help to develop disciplined and effective study habits to deal with the new challenge of thinking questions, which students won’t have seen before. While there is no Simple ‘Silver bullet’ solution to achieving good grades, daily practice and hard work, in the end, should reap dividends.


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