Building Academic Success Step by Step – Part 1

Building Academic Success Step by Step - Part 1

Achieving good grades and accomplishing your goals in high school comes through hard work, and the ability to work consistently is attainable only with structured schedules and well thought out study habits. What exactly is a ‘habit? A study habit is an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until your need to study, read, or finish homework becomes almost involuntary. Developing good study habits early in the school year means that you will soon be completing schoolwork without having to consciously think about working. Thus, doing class assignments on a daily or weekly basis will seem routine, and studying Wu no longer feel like a chore or burden.

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How can you alter your daily schedule to begin to develop consistent study habits? Note that we are talking about ‘adapting’ your current habits to form a set of improved study skills; we are not requiring you to drastically change, because everyone studies in different ways, works at different paces, and sets different goals. To begin to tut consistent habits, follow the steps on the right.

When you make the conscious decision to develop good study habits, you will change how you perform academically because your mindset will be focused on the goal of achieving academic success. Instead of thinking wish I could succeed in school,” you will now be focused on the goal of ‘succeeding’. Thus, you have gone from being a passive student to a proactive individual who is firmly set on academic success. Making this quality decision to develop consistent study heeds will be the source of your motivation.

Building Consistent Study Habits

Building Academic Success Step by Step - Part 1 2

‘Consistent habits’ are exactly what they sound like—these are actions that need to be completed on a scheduled basis. A typical study pattern I have identified in past students is their desire to finish their homework during the time right after school finishes and before dinnertime. However, they usually become easily distracted once they arrive home by video games, friends, or TV, and instead begin to see homework and studying as a tiresome chore.

This is because they are not practicing their study habits, once you set a goal of studying during a specific time period, stick to it from The beginning and soon it will feel like part of a natural daily routine rather than a chore.

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Once you have set up consistent study habits, you must respect those habits by setting up boundaries to protect your new routine. For example, boundaries for alter-school Studying include not turning on the TV, turning off your phone so you are not tempted to chat, or physically putting away the video games out of your reach. Boundaries allow you to keep the distractions out of your sight, so that you can focus on studying or completing homework.