How to Pursue a Business Career

Once you enter university, you will find that acing your courses is no longer sufficient to become successful past university. Your 4 to 5 years of undergrad should be spent on networking and building your resume, in addition to your academics.

1. Determine what area of business you want to specialize in. Your first couple years of university will be general courses in all areas. In your senior years, you will be able to narrow your field of specialization and select specific courses. Choose an area of specialization that is synonymous with your interests and personality, as well as the external opportunities available. Research which areas are growing and how the job market is evolving.

2. Build your Competitive Advantage with co-op/Internship programs, expanding your circle and expanding your knowledge by being interactive with the real world beyond theories and textbooks. The knowledge you gain from your various experiences will help you secure a job in your desired field. Employers will see your commitment to pursue a particular career through your involvement in various activities as well as your academic achievements.


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