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Summer Camp Oakville
and Mississauga

About Brain Adventure Summer Camp
(Live online, small group)

The Brain Adventure camp courses teach foundation skills to prepare your child for the next school year - English, Python Coding and Math. Lessons are conducted live in a fun and interactive manner, at the same time your child will learn the foundation skills necessary to succeed in the next school year. It’s a truly fun learning experience, a unique summer camp for children in Oakville and Misisssauga.

In our class, we foster life skills such as problem-solving (Math), creativity (Python), collaboration, written communication (English) and confidence building (public speaking).

Choose any week or combo

Summer Camp Packages:

Choice of:
1 Week
$220 / week
2 Weeks
$195 / week
3 Weeks
call for discount
4 Weeks
call for discount
Limit to 8 students per class
English Writing
Speech Presentation
Math Foundations
Python Coding

What your child will learn:

Communication written &
English writing, speech
Foundation knowledge
English writing, Math
All 4 programs
Daily routine learning and project present to the class
Key benefit to your child

Summer Camp Oakville and Mississauga

kids Summer Camp
small group
(8 per class)
Brain Adventure camp
Learn Core
foundation skillls
to succeed in school
Summer Camp Oakville and Mississauga
Weekly homework
to keep your child
Brain Adventure Summer Online Camp program
Routine learning
in the summer
Why Brain Adventure?

Summer Camp Oakville and Mississauga

Small class sizes with an average of 8 students per class
hours of Online lessons delivery experience
10 hours of live lessons
10 hours of self pace homework per week
Week 1

Summer Camp Oakville and Mississauga

English Writing

(1 week, 5 classes, 2 hours / class,
Grade 4-8)
Brain Adventure Summer Online Camp Live Instructor

Our English Writing week focuses on foundation skills including sentence structure, grammar, and vocabulary building. Students will learn how to write paragraph, starting from sentences. How to use adjective properly? What is proposition and how to use it? For vocabulary building, for instance, many students make the mistake of memorizing the words, or using highly complex words in an incorrect context. Our class shows the student on understanding the meaning of the words, and writing sentences base on that understanding.

This summer camp week on English Writing is a unique opportunity for your child to learn the foundations of English writing with professional lessons from our teachers and writing project for practice.

Our approach
of teaching
English writing
Week 2

Summer Camp Oakville and Mississauga

Speech Presentation

(1 week, 5 classes, 2 hours / session, Grades 5+)
Queen Elizabeth Academy Live Instructor

Our Oral Presentation week module focuses on building your child’s confidence in a public speaking setting. Our goal is to help our campers to feel confidence speaking in front of a crowd, and being able to express their ideas.

Confidence takes steps to build. In our Oral Presentation week, we start small - first with our campers preparing a speech about themselves, to conducting speech games such as impromptu speaking (can you talk about a story about this lemon - on the fly?). Finally on our Speech Day (last day), our campers will prepare a speech project that they developed during the week, and present it to the class.

Being able to deliver presentation confidently is a life skill - planting the seed for your child to succeed in their future. At the same time, this will prepare them for their school presentation project.

Key feature - Speech Presentation Week

Summer Camp Oakville and Mississauga (week 2)

Brain Adventure Summer Online Camp
step by step
English Writing, Speech Presentation, Math, and Python Coding
Learn how
to express
your ideas
QEA`s Brain Adventure program
Learn how to
deliver a speech
Intro + Body +
Online Camp For Elementary Students
Strategy to
speak with
minimum notes
summer program
Speech games
to learn public
speaking in a
fun manner
QEA tutors
Daily homework
and speech


You can find good information on kids activity from Mississauga, Oakville and Toronto.

Week 3

Summer Camp Oakville and Mississauga

Math Foundation

(1 week, 5 classes, 2 hours / class,
Grades 4-5 junior, Grades 6-7 senior)
summer camp mississauga oakville toronto 18 Live Instructor

Math is cummulative. Each grade is a building block to the next, and without a strong knowledge of foundation skills, your child’s understanding will become shaky.

Our Math Foundation week module aim to review the key foundation skills: multiplication, division, fractions, decimals and BEDMAS, and moving your child into more advanced math.

Part of the session is dedicated into fun learning on contest level, problem techniques. We use Waterloo Gauss Contest curriculum. This will prepare your child for high school math (application and thinking problems, which accounts for 25% of the grades).

In our math sessions, we deliver instructive lessons based on building your child’s understanding, not memorizing equations or steps. All these are conducted on a fun and interactive learning environment.

What we cover during the math week:
Foundation Math (samples):

Summer Camp Oakville and Mississauga

Online Camp For Middle School Students
Math and English programs
Online Summer Camp
online summer school
Advanced, Contest level Math:

Summer Camp Oakville and Mississauga

1. A solid cube has a 6 cm for every side. This cube was cut into smaller 1 cm cubes.

(a) 3 sides

(b) 2 sides

(c) 1 sides

(d) 0 sides

Brain Adventure Online Program
Fun Math Lesson (sample):

Summer Camp Oakville and Mississauga

summer camp mississauga oakville toronto 24
Key feature - Math Week

Summer Camp Oakville and Mississauga (week 3)

summer camp mississauga oakville toronto 25
with Math
summer camp mississauga oakville toronto 26
summer camp mississauga oakville toronto 27
summer camp mississauga oakville toronto 28
Math Games
and fun learning
summer camp mississauga oakville toronto 29
Contest level
topics to learn
problem solving
skills. Prepare for
High School
summer camp mississauga oakville toronto 30
Lots of
Week 4

Summer Camp Oakville and Mississauga

Python Coding

(1 week, 5 classes, 2 hours / class, Grades 4-8)
summer camp mississauga oakville toronto 31 Live Instructor

Coding skills are in extreme high demand in today’s job market. Students compete to enter computer science program. It is imperative for your children to expose to what programming look like, and nuture their interests.

Our Python Coding week introduces the basic concepts. Go in depth to see your child’s applying those concepts in python coding! Python is the fastest growing programming language globally, and it helps the student to explore the basics of object oriented programming.

In this class, your child will:

  • Learn the foundation coding concepts
  • Develop an interest in coding
  • Code with Python
  • Prepare for advance coding skill
  • Learn computational thinking skills

(Our students at Queen Elizabeth Academy have successfully admitted to top Comp Tech high school programs (Port credit) and the University of Waterloo Computer Science programs)

Key feature - Python Week

Summer Camp Oakville and Mississauga (week 4)

summer camp mississauga oakville toronto 32
Live, interactive
summer camp mississauga oakville toronto 33
Fun projects to
develop interest
in coding
summer camp mississauga oakville toronto 34
Small class
sizes (5-6 students
per class)
summer camp mississauga oakville toronto 35
work that mimics
software projects
in school
summer camp mississauga oakville toronto 36
10 hours of
Live instructions
+ 10 hours of
summer camp mississauga oakville toronto 37
Fun and social
time to code
together with
new friends!
Success for your
children’s future
Our students who came to our summer camp programs, tutoring and credit courses have entered top universities:
summer camp mississauga oakville toronto 38
Jeff R. Queen’s Commerce
Paul M. Queen’s Engineering
Melissa W. Western Ivey
Taylor W. Western Medical Science
Josh M. OCAD
Miranda D. Wilfred Laurier BBA (Co-op)
Colin H. Queen’s Commerce
Stephanie L. Queen’s Commerce
Jeremy R. Western Ivey
Jiv S. Wilfrid Laurier BBA (Coop)
David P. U of T Rotman
Britney R. Wilfred Laurier BBA (Co-op)
Monika S. Western Health Science
Lisa V. U of T Architecture
Katie F. McGill Arts
Carter S. Western Ivey
James B. Wilfred Laurier BBA
Sydney H. Queen’s Engineering
Brianna M. Waterloo Science
Sam A. Queen’s Science
Bill N. Waterloo Mathematics
Catherine M. McGill Engineering
Jennifer F. Queen’s Commerce
Craig C. Western Engineering
Allen T. Queen’s Engineering
Vivian T. U of T Rotman
Stacy L. Western Engineering
Laura P. Western Medical Science
Robbie M. Wilfrid Laurier BBA (Co-op)
Eric M. Wilfrid Laurier BBA (Co-op)

Brain Adventure
Camp Online?

The Brain Adventure Summer Online Camp program comes in really handy at this point, serving as a means to ensure that healthy academic activities and learning are sustained regardless of the pandemic.

summer camp mississauga oakville toronto 39

The Brain Adventure Summer Online Camp is a rich virtual learning program created by Elizabeth Academy - a private tutoring school accredited by the Ministry of Education - for children aged 7-13.

It’s important for learning to continue during Covid 19, but it's also essential to keep your child in a safe learning environment. For several months since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Queen Elizabeth Academy has successfully facilitated over 10,000 hours of online lessons via Zoom. We are experts in delivering online lessons, and our instructors are well-trained and experienced in delivering quality lessons.

Unlike regular classroom settings, online lessons are quite different. Besides involving a serious level of coordination, successful online tutoring thrives on excellent communication and requires patience on the part of the instructors to ensure the students don't sit passively behind the screen.

Our Brain Adventure Summer Online Camp offers a selection of core skills that your child needs: English Writing, Speech Presentation, Math, and Python Coding. Students can leverage this opportunity to strengthen their foundation in these courses and prepare to succeed in the fall classes. In addition to the highly-engaging live lessons, we provide a good amount of practice questions and homework.

But that's not all. QEA`s Brain Adventure program is fun and interactive! Your child will learn essential concepts combined with hands-on projects at their creation, under the supervision of seasoned tutors!

summer camp mississauga oakville toronto 40

Benefit of
Brain Adventure
Online Camp For Elementary Students

Upgrading Skills: Summer is a perfect time to upgrade your child’s skills in core subjects - in a fun and relaxing manner. Because it's a holiday, most students are more receptive to learning new things and exploring new ideas and concepts.

Building Confidence: This unique summer program offers students a good opportunity to learn foundational skills in a fun and interactive manner. Having a strong grasp of these skills helps to build your child’s confidence in schoolwork. This is important for them to succeed in the coming school year.

summer camp mississauga oakville toronto 41

Developing Exciting Interests: Summer is a good time to allow your child to explore new things and build interest in exciting stuff. The Brain Adventure Summer Online Camp is structured in a fun and engaging manner, allowing students to master important areas in Math, English, Computer, and Coding with so much ease.

Routine Learning: QEA tutors help to provide routine lessons and summer projects to keep your kids busy academically. Physical meetings may be restricted during the Covid-19 period, but students can make the most of the time by gaining valuable skills, making new friends, strengthening their foundations, and learning new skills.

Benefit of
Brain Adventure
Online Camp For Middle School Students

Building Better foundations: For middle schoolers, getting a good foundation is often critical for success in the next academic session. Generally, middle school materials are more challenging, which is why it's necessary to ensure that their foundation is sound and they are not lacking behind.

Building Confidence: In middle school, students will likely face tougher challenges when carrying out school projects. Our summer online program is designed to enable every camper to build confidence in subjects like English and Maths. This even motivates them towards the new school year.

summer camp mississauga oakville toronto 42

For our Math and English programs, we facilitate understanding of the material, which is a key factor when it comes to building confidence. Confidence is even more pronounced during our Speech Presentation week, as each student is asked to stand up in front of a crowd and speak.

Confidence is a life skill, and no doubt, students will need it to do well in school projects, especially where presentation is required.

Developing Interests: Summer is an ideal time to develop your child's interest in various important areas such as math, English, computer coding. This serves as strong preparation for fall.

Routine Learning: To ensure your child continues learning during the Covid-19 period, so the Brain Adventure program provides both routine lessons and summer projects for them to work on. In other words, they will spend summertime effectively and gain valuable skills out of it. Our goal at the Brain Adventure summer camp is to help every student learn new skills, strengthen their foundation, and even make new friends.

How is
Brain Adventure
Python Coding Different?

In-depth understanding of coding concepts: Children nowadays can learn/experiment with the coding on their own, via Scratch ™ and other youtube resources. However, these hands-on coding experiments lack fundamental lessons. Lacking foundational understanding will limit students in their pursuit of STEM knowledge. To address this need, QEA provides a fundamental understanding of coding concepts with hands-on projects during the Brain Adventure Python lessons. This typically starts with stack, arrays, abstract class, data structure. For those that are interested in pursuing software engineering in high school and university, this is a good foundation.

summer camp mississauga oakville toronto 43

Paving the future for software engineering: The computer programming field is vast, with very high-salary job opportunities. This is a great starting point for your child to understand software coding and at the same time explore their interest in our fun coding projects. Many students from Queen Elizabeth Academy have been admitted to study software engineering in top universities, such as Waterloo, Queen’s, and Western.

Systematic learning of key computer concepts: Our Brain Adventure program provides campers with the systematic learning of key concepts, and not just hands-on coding. This includes an understanding of variables, strings, if statements, loops, and object-oriented programming. We teach these concepts and provide small assignments to strengthen their understanding through practice.

How is
Online Summer Camp
Different From Online School?

With many schools in Canada conducting online lessons this year, some parents are left wondering how is an online summer school different from their children’s typical online school? Here's the difference:

First, online schools are conducted via a large class (typically 25-30+ students) in a single Zoom meeting. To properly coordinate such a class, the students are muted and only the teacher speaks. Again, this takes after the pattern of a direct lecture in a youtube video. This means that lots of students may be sitting passively behind the screen and are bored. There is no active learning.

summer camp mississauga oakville toronto 44

Our Brain Adventure Online Program, on the other hand, is fully interactive. The class size is an average of 8 students. Our teachers are free to conduct discussion types of lessons. In our English classes, for instance, students are engaged in close reading, where everybody gets a turn to act as a character in the novel/short stories.

In our Math classes, the students are now free to ask questions for clarity and in the concepts that they don’t understand. In our Speech Presentation week, each of our students presents their speech project. And all these can be done due to the low student-to-teacher ratio. Our programs are built-in with hands-on, fun projects, relating to what they learn.

Finally, children usually get motivated when they see their creation: a python game, a speech presented in front of a class, a short story written by themselves, or being able to win in a math puzzle game. This motivation will facilitate their interests in the area and build their confidence.