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Science Tutoring in Waterloo

QEA Science (7-8) program aims to prepare your child for high school level science. We teach grade 9 level science curriculum in an easy to understand, elementary level. This will build a good foundation for your child, and at the same time, stimulate their curiosity and interests.

The key to success in science, is to understand the concept. This means asking the “why” behind the concept. In our chemistry lesson, for example, we will start with an atom, then molecules and then explain to our students how chemical reaction occurs vs. physical change, and how to determine which atom will combine with whom based on the octet theory. What does it look like when an atom combines with other atoms in a molecular form.

In our elementary science program, we cover chemistry, electricity, ecology and space. These are the topics that your child will learn in grade 9.

Science Tutoring in Waterloo
Build your children’s foundation skills


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Queen Elizabeth Academy is a private tutoring institution with a strong tradition of providing high-quality education to students. Most of our students have achieved academic excellence. Many of them are currently studying in top universities with scholarships ranging from $2,000 to $23,000. Students alumni of Queen Elizabeth Academy are known for building strong foundations, which helps them in further academic or career pursuit. Lots of our alumni have entered top medical schools; others continued with their Masters and Ph.D., while some were employed by top Bay St. firms and global firms

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