Building a Strong Foundation and Staying Ahead

Students in their junior years in high school often maintain a “take it easy” mentality from their elementary school years. As the academic year progresses, students find themselves starting to fall behind, often ignoring their lack of knowledge in basic concepts. Additionally, students underestimate the steep change and sudden jump in difficulty in grade 11, often being caught off-guard. This is a major reason why students see their marks drop in grade 11 – just when grades begin to count for university applications. Starting early and formalizing an academic plan gives you an edge in the upcoming admission. The key advantage is that you have time to explore and develop:

1. Build a solid Math and Science foundation. By working on this early, you can avoid playing catch up in your senior years.

2. Learn how to write essays and in particular, how to critically analyze text. This will help you in senior level English, ISU essays, labs, as well as other senior level assignments.

3. Participate in Math competitions to develop problem-solving skills, (i.e. tackling new questions on the spot). It is a strong factor in determining whether you are a 80s or 90s student in senior Math.

4. Develop consistent study habits, such as dedicating blocks of time for homework and overcome distractions. Developing these habits will be valuable throughout your academic career.

5. Explore your passion. Read books outside classroom requirements, which will help you figure out where your interest lies so you can focus on developing it.

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