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Queen Elizabeth Academy has a strong tradition of providing quality education and tutoring.  For more than 7 years, we have worked with 1000+ students to build on their successes step by step.

Our team of 24+ tutors are each specialized in a subject area.  Our focus is to help our students to build a solid academic foundation so that they will succeed in the long run. We offer Math tutoring, Science tutoring, English tutoring, and more!

Tutoring in Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington

QEA has been providing high quality tutoring, to students in Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington for over 9 years. Our students have consistently achieved high academic standing, admitted to top universities with scholarships from $2,000 to $23,000

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Sebastian G., a grade 12 student admitted to McGill University
Matt B., a grade 12 student admitted to Laurier Business
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Angela K.
Master graduate,
University of Toronto
QEA Science Teacher
Hejab F.
Master candidate,
University of Toronto
QEA Math Tutor
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Congratulations to Stephanie L., who ranked Top 15 in Canada selected by University Hub.

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Congratulations to our students who were admitted to their top choice university (Queens, Wilfred Laurier, McGill etc.).  Our students obtained scholarships from $2,000 to $23,000
Jeff R. Queen’s Commerce
Paul M. Queen’s Engineering
Melissa W. Western Ivey
Taylor W. Western Medical Science
Josh M. OCAD
Miranda D. Wilfred Laurier BBA (Co-op)
Colin H. Queen’s Commerce
Stephanie L. Queen’s Commerce
Jeremy R. Western Ivey
Robbie M. Wilfrid Laurier BBA (Co-op)
Eric M. Wilfrid Laurier BBA (Co-op)
Jiv S. Wilfrid Laurier BBA (Coop)
Vivian T. U of T Rotman
Stacy L. Western Engineering
Laura P. Western Medical Science
David P. U of T Rotman
Britney R. Wilfred Laurier BBA (Co-op)
Monika S. Western Health Science
Lisa V. U of T Architecture
Katie F. McGill Arts
Carter S. Western Ivey
James B. Wilfred Laurier BBA
Sydney H. Queen’s Engineering
Brianna M. Waterloo Science
Sam A. Queen’s Science
Bill N. Waterloo Mathematics
Catherine M. McGill Engineering
Jennifer F. Queen’s Commerce
Craig C. Western Engineering
Allen T. Queen’s Engineering
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How to Get Admitted to the Best Universities ?
Success Stories
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Stephanie L., who scored 95% and ranked top 15 in Canada, shares her secrets of success in QEA interview.
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Jerry T.
Admitted to Queen’s Commerce
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Taylor W.
Admitted to Western Medical Science
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Sam A.
Admitted to Queen’s Science Honours

Success of QEA alumni

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Mark J.
Investment banking analyst
Conaccord Genuity
Graduate of Western Ivey
QEA student alumni
math tutor Ottawa
Dr. T. Ward-able
Family Physician
Graduate of Western University
QEA student alumni
math tutor Ottawa
Julia S.
Business Dev. associate
Fidelity Investments
Graduate of Western University
QEA student alumni
math tutor Ottawa
Justin C.
Master degree candidate
UC Berkeley
Data analyst, Citigroup
Graduate of Boston University
QEA student alumni
math tutor Ottawa
Sam A.
MD Candidate
University of Queensland
Graduate of Queen’s University
QEA student alumni
Thank you QEA!  for the foundation
QEA Students maintain A average in university!
Students tutored by QEA in Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington
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Yohan B.
Wilfrid Laurier BBA
tutoring service Mississauga
Will O.
Queen’s Engineering
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Mark J.
Western Ivey
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Stephanie L.
Queen’s Commerce
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Sam A.
Queen’s Science
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Students enrolled in our Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington Tutoring Programs

Meet our Tutors -

Math, Physics and Chemistry Tutor in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington

Nikki V.
QEA Math Teacher
Nikki is a certified teacher with Master degree in Education from University of Toronto. She has been working with QEA for over 6 years, and many of QEA top students came out of her class
Chris L.
QEA Physics Tutor
Chris is our physics tutor, explaining his approach in teaching physics. Chris is going to John Hopkins University this fall studying PhD in Physics
Dev D.
QEA Biology and Chemistry Tutor
Dev is graduated with a science degree at York University, currently enrolled in dental school. Dev has been working with QEA for 4 years.
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Ben T.
English Teacher
Teaches:  English grade 5 to 12

PhD Candidate, English literature

Writing Course Director, Guelph-Humber University 

tutoring mississauga
Laura C.
MD Candidate
Harvard University

Queen Elizabeth Advisor

Designed Learning Strategies for our courses. 

english tutor Mississauga
John C.
Math Tutor and Science Tutor
Teaches:  Calculus, Advanced Functions, Physics

PhD Candidate, University of Toronto

Taught university math tutoring classes for 2+ years

math program mississauga
Renuka R.
Math Tutor
Teaches:  Advanced Functions

1200+ hours of tutoring experience.  Specialized in making complex concepts easy to understand

english tutor mississauga
Candy C.
Math Teacher
Teaches:  Calculus, Grade 9-12 Math

Certified Teacher, Mathematics.

6 years of university teaching experience as a TA

math tutor Mississauga
Aditya S.
Science Tutor
Teaches:  Chemistry, Math 9-12

Recipient of E.A. Robinson Medal.  Rank#1 in Science, University of Toronto

TA teaching first year university tutorial

and 27+ tutors each specializing in a subject area, grade and student’s need
QEA Tutoring in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington - in Action!
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Join the QEA Seminar @ U of T on Video: How to Get into Top Universities tutoring in Mississauga

Join our yearly major event with nearly 100 parents and students.

In this video, you will find practical strategies by successful students who got into the top schools. You will see the typical challenges they faced and how they overcame them in order to succeed. 

  • What do successful students do to make them stand out in the application?
  • Time Management - how to balance heavy academic and extracurriculars?
  • How to plan and write the university application essay?
  • How to study effectively to get higher grades?
* QEA has no affiliation with University of Toronto, who do not endorse our products or services.
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Victor L.
Queen Elizabeth Academy
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Emily B.
Admitted to
Western Ivey
english tutors Mississauga
Melissa S.
Admitted to
private tutor Mississauga
Jerry T.
Admitted to
Queen’s Commerce
Private Tutoring and Private Credit Courses
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Private Tutoring
in Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington
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Queen Elizabeth Academy’s Private Tutoring Program provides our students with one on one, personalized tutoring lessons that are based on a step by step, easy to understand methodology. 

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For our science and math tutoring programs, we focus on providing step by step explanations during the tutoring session, facilitating the student’s understanding of the math and science concepts. 
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Math and science are cumulative.  Therefore, building a good foundation is important for the student’s long-term success.  In our math and science tutoring, we focus on clarifying the student’s knowledge gaps to help them build a good foundation in math and science.
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Private Credit Course
in Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington

Queen Elizabeth Academy is a private tutoring school, provincially inspected by the Ministry of Education (BSID 882306).

Our tutoring success emanates from our philosophy of instruction that is easy to understand.

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To maintain the quality of our lessons, class size is limited to a maximum of 8 students, giving students the opportunity to ask questions throughout the lesson.
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Our class is fully interactive and mimics a university tutorial.  For example, when our students make math presentations, our teachers and classmates will ask questions on their solutions.  This encourages understanding of the math or science concept rather than on just memorizing equations.

Our Approach of Tutoring
for students in Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington

At QEA, we focus on tutoring the students and build his or her foundation and understanding.  Our tutoring approach facilitates independent thinking, so that our students can analyze the questions properly. Our tutors go through math and science lessons step by step, and make sure that you have a firm foundation before they move onto more complex math and science concepts.

If you live in the Mississauga or Oakville area and are keen to improve in math, science, english, chemistry, biology, or physics, then come and meet with us today. Our private tutors are all experts in their subjects and will get you on the path to success!

Find Queen Elizabeth
at your neighbourhood

Queen Elizabeth Academy physical premise is located in Mississauga and Oakville. For the other locations we offer online live lessons.

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Our Approach to Learning
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English tutoring Mississauga
In our tutoring sessions, we help you organize knowledge and categorize types of problems so that it will be easier for you to retain knowledge.
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The key to understanding concepts is to know what it is and the why behind it.  Once you understand the fundamentals, solving problems will be a lot easier.
Foundation building
Most students struggle and lose marks because they have foundational gaps.  The only way to fix this is by identifying the gaps and strengthening them with practice.  In our Math 12 course, for example, we provide 650 foundation skill problems and 1,600+ problems in the course
Learning Strategies designed
by Harvard educated experts
science tutor oakville

by Laura C.  MD Candidate. 

Harvard University

Queen Elizabeth Advisor

Our learning strategies are used in our private credit courses and in some of our tutoring programs

To strengthen a student’s understanding of a concept, there are 3 key elements that we employ in our tutoring sessions:

tutoring Mississauga, Oakville and BurlingtonMississauga, Oakville and Burlington
Understanding is more than just memorizing equations.  The student needs to clearly define the concept and its boundaries.
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The student needs to understand when to apply the concept.  This comes with practice in applying the concept to many problems, so that the student can begin to recognize the pattern.
science tutor Georgetown
Any math or science concept can be deduced to 4 or 5 simple rules.  These rules should be “boxed” and constantly looked up when the student is practicing problems after a tutoring session
queen elizabeth tutor
Academic Advice
(for Parents and Students)
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Study Strategies
by a Harvard
math is fun

by Yun C.

MD-PhD Candidate. 

Harvard University


Queen Elizabeth Advisor

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english tutoring service near me queen elizabeth academy Mississauga

by Yun C.

MD-PhD Candidate.

Harvard University


Queen Elizabeth Advisor

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chemistry tutoring service near me Home_files/pdf/Academic%20Advice%20-%20Exam%20Writing%20Strategies.pdf

by Victor L.



Queen Elizabeth Academy

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tutoring service near me Home_files/pdf/Academic%20Advice%20-%203%20Tips%20for%20Building%20Confidence.pdf

by Victor L.



David T.

Ontario Certified Teacher

Queen Elizabeth English Teacher and Tutor

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english tutor near me Home_files/pdf/Three%20Strategies%20to%20Overcome%20Careless%20Mistakes-2.pdf

by Victor L.



Queen Elizabeth Academy

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by Victor L.


Queen Elizabeth Academy


David T.

Ontario Certified Teacher

Queen Elizabeth English Teacher and Tutor

tutor Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington
by Sam A.
BSc. graduate,
Queen’s University
QEA student
math tutors Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington
by Jessica K.
Master in English
Queen’s University
QEA English teacher
Study Tips on individual subjects
for students @Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington
Grade 12
The Course

MHF4U credit course is an essential course for many students, as it is a pre-requisite course for a significant number of university programs. Students typically build on the skills they learned in the preceding grades. Some of the skills to be learned in this course include factoring, graphing, trigonometry, and exponents. It is expected that students will have varying levels of proficiency and understanding when during this course. This is because some units like polynomial functions are more straightforward than others, such as trigonometric functions and proofs.

Considering the thrills and challenges that students typically encounter when taking this course, some of them have described it as a roller coaster ride of a course.

Study Tip for Advanced Functions Course for Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington students

In mathematics, foundations are always important, so it would be an excellent idea to brush up on math foundations before delving into this course. Critical areas include factoring (especially trinomial factoring), domain and range, graphing, combining rational expressions, and trigonometry ratios. If, on the other hand, you decide to brush up when the course begins, you may have a hard time staying abreast of the new material being taught. Mathematics courses usually build upon your previous knowledge, so be sure to review them.

Also, ensure to keep good, organized notes to enable you to keep a decent place as each course unit progresses. Also, be brave enough to practice new problems on your own and endeavor to go beyond those assigned in the homework. This will give you enough room to master the wide variety of concepts and questions in Advanced Functions. Ultimately, the more you expose yourself to such problems, the better prepared you will be. In light of this, the Queen Elizabeth Academy tutoring program provides all students with extra worksheets and practice tests to hone their skills for success.

The Course

There are two different sections in this course; the first is derivative or extends from work in Advanced Functions; the second other is Vectors, which, unlike the first, is totally new. Vectors are essentially similar to Physics when it comes to problem-solving.

The derivative section takes root in work done in Advanced Functions and will typically include algebra, graphing, trigonometry, and logarithms.

The vector aspect of the course includes 3D equations of lines and planes. Because of the similarity of vector problem-solving to physics, many students find this course component more complicated than the first one.

Study Tip for Calculus course for Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington students

For students to succeed in Vector Calculus, they must be proficient in exponents, factoring, combining rational expressions such as fractions with algebra, and solving equations.

You want to pay special attention to the Optimization Unit, which usually includes many word problems. However, if you have trouble dealing with word problems, be sure to prepare for this unit in particular. Do not forget to keep your notes organized while you identify the different kinds of problems. This will significantly help you to clarify the concepts in the course, and to keep track of your progress

The concepts of vectors are very complex. So when approaching vector problems, be sure to layout and write down all of the steps clearly. Also, write down why such steps are necessary. For instance, what variable are you attempting to achieve with each step? This approach will undoubtedly simplify even more complicated questions and allow you to easily identify areas where you need additional help.

The Course

SCH4U credit course is one of the most challenging courses in Ontario high schools, and it's the same with Physics. As with typical chemistry problems, many of the questions are based on possible outcomes since Chemistry deals with so many diverse elements (e.g., what is the product of reacting chemical X with Y).

Many students are not familiar with this type of problem-solving strategy, so they prefer step-based or formulaic-based problems. But science students cannot escape this in the university, so they'll have to learn the skills.

The complexity of the concepts in Grade 12 Chemistry is high and may sometimes be frustrating. They include enthalpy, orbitals, equilibrium, and organic nomenclature, which most chemistry students usually find tasking.

Study Tip for Grade 12 Chemistry, University Preparation for Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington students

A vital tip to remember when studying chemistry is not to allow yourself to become lost in details. There's always a ‘big picture’ concept in any given unit, so keep an eye out for that. To help you visualize these concepts, it's a good idea to organize your work into a flow chart. This strategy displays the essential concepts and how they're connected one to another. As a result, you'll be able to handle tests much better.

Always try to understand the “why” behind every concept you encounter or the reason a concept is essential instead of merely memorizing things. For example, the boiling point of an organic compound reflects the strength of the intermolecular force of attraction holding its molecules together. A good grasp of these concepts will help you adapt to situational problems in chemistry.

The Course

Physics is a pre-requisite course for those seeking to pursue engineering in the university. As expected, grade 12 Physics builds on your knowledge of grade 11 Physics, so if a student was sound in the preceding grade level, they will likely, with hard work, of course, succeed in Physics credit course.

The Grade 12 Physics University Preparation Course begins with a review of Kinematics (motion) and Dynamics (forces). This is to ensure the students have a solid start. Here, electromagnetism and Light are often the most challenging units.

In Grade 12 Physics, students are expected to excel at problem-solving techniques, particularly in manipulating equations to extract unknown variables and answers.

In this course, the workload is quite heavy and requires lots of practice to comprehend them fully. Therefore, students will need to dedicate a considerable amount of time to score above 85 percent. However, physics is an exciting course, and with the right mindset, it can be very rewarding.

Study Tip for Grade 12 Physics, University Preparation for Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington students

Passing physics requires lots of practice, so if you desire to achieve 85% and above, it's advisable to commit up to 6 hours a week to work through new problems in the course.

In Grade 12 physics, some of the units like electromagnetism and light are conceptually difficult. Therefore, to better understand each concept, you should try first to express the problem in plain English. For instance, imagine you are explaining the concept of light to a space alien or your grandmother. How would you describe it? What is an electric field? What is Voltage? If you can comprehend and internalize the concepts, instead of merely memorizing questions, problem-solving will definitely be a lot easier and more fun too.

Grade 11
The Course

In preparing for Grade 12 Mathematics, students must have a solid grasp of Grade 11 Mathematics. Although, what we see is that students at this stage are often faced with the difficult choice of choosing between the Mixed level course and the Academic level course. From experience, we advise students to stick with the Grade 11 Math credit course, as it is a more flexible option. However, the challenge with most students is that the course requires a bit more work. But it also creates multiple opportunities for university programs to pick from, typically ranging from engineering to business courses. So, unless a student is absolutely sure of the path he/she wishes to take after high school, they should stick with a flexible option.

Grade 11 Math has several difficult units, including exponents, transformation, trigonometry graphing, and trigonometry identities. This is also the first time they'll encounter proofs. The simpler units include Quadratics, series, and sequences, which are mostly a review of grade 10 topics.

Study Tip for Grade 11 Math, University Preparation for Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington students

It's advisable to build strong foundational skills in grade 10 before taking this course. Factoring (especially trinomials), fractions (grade 8-9 level), Linear systems, and quadratics are the critical skills at this stage. Additionally, students will need a good understanding of domain and range, x and y intercepts, and asymptotes to excel in this course. It is always easier to keep pace with all lessons and course work in this course once the student has mastered the foundational skills

The thing about grade 11 questions is that they involve multiple steps. To ensure an easy flow, you must understand the logic and concept behind each step you take, and then pinpoint why you`re taking those steps. In other words, “what am I trying to solve?” Work through the steps again after you have done this. This is essentially how you demystify mathematical problems.

The Course

In SCH3U course students will be acquainted with both theoretical and technical knowledge. And they must be grounded in both areas to do well in the course. You`ll find that there are more calculations and equations in grade 11 chemistry. This means that you need a solid background in math to do well. However, chemistry in grade 11 chemistry isn`t so challenging. Besides, it's a good way to see if chemistry or sciences will be a great choice for you in the university.

Study Tip for Grade 11 Chemistry, University Preparation for Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington students

In Grade 11 Chemistry, you will be presented with both theoretical and technical knowledge. And to do well in the course, you must be very good at both. There are lots of calculations to be done, but that doesn`t mean the course is particularly difficult. Perhaps, the biggest benefit here is that and the course allows you to weigh the possibility of pursuing chemistry, or science more generally, in the future.

Here`s a piece of good advice: make sure you have an understanding of Nomenclature as well as how to balance equations in grade 10 science before starting grade 11 chemistry. You really don't want to miss those two courses!

When you get to the calculations in the course, make sure to lay out all the steps one after the other. You may use a flow chart, with each box indicating your result for each step. Examples, in this case, include the values for mass of a chemical, volume of a gas, or the number of particles in a substance. This is a good way to make problem-solving much easier.

The Course

Quite frankly, SPH3U credit course can be tough, because it involves using lots of formula, which students are expected to know beforehand. Most of the concepts will be very new for many students. In most cases, problem-solving does not follow concrete steps, as in math. So students will need to know all the formulas, as well as how to manipulate different equations to achieve their desired result.

Physics questions are traditionally full of word problems, and that's another area of challenge to most students, because they'll need to understand the questions, interpret them, then extract the given variables and variations. But with practice, even this can be mastered.

Grade 11 physics is a pre-requisite for Grade 12 Physics and an important course for students who wish to pursue engineering or science in university.

Study Tip for Grade 11 Physics, University Preparation for Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington students

To excel in grade 11 physics, you can't simply memorize the equations. For your own good, it is far better to understand the reasoning behind every concept. Be sure to visualize the situation so you can identify given variables and variations in each problem. Additionally, you want to be sure you`re applying the equations rightly, instead of blindly following steps or processes.

The complexity of physics is also seen in the use of several equations to solve a single problem. The trick is to identify what you have been given, note their places in the relevant equations, and identify the variables you weren't given in the question. Finally, use this equation or in combination with other equations to find the unknown.

Grade 10
The Course

Climbing up to grade 10 takes you to a higher level of difficulty compared to Grade 9. And this is especially true for students who scored 75% or lower in Grade 9. Grade 10 presents many new concepts, such as quadratics and geometry.

Two of the most common challenges in Grade 10 math include critical thinking and word problems. Therefore, students need to strengthen their foundational skills ahead of Grade 10, especially if they already have gaps in grades 8 and 9. Possible areas where these gaps exist are integers, fractions, and linear equations. Building strong foundations in these areas will help the students learn grade 11 math with ease.

Study Tip for Grade 10 Academic Mathematics for Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington students

In learning grade 10 math, it is better to organize problems into different types. This will help you identify those questions that give you tough times, so that you will be able to focus on them.

Also, you must be ready to commit a great deal of time - different from what the teacher has assigned to you - in solving questions on your own. Students studying math must be ready to commit up to 5 hours of work every week if they must excel in the course. Doing these will help you avoid last-minute studying before any test or exam. Essentially, accumulating your skills and knowledge regularly will help you stay on track.

Grade 9
The Course

Grade 9 math signals a significant departure from grade 8 math. Most times, a lot of students are taken aback at the sharp difference between the two.

Students are introduced to the four essential categories: Knowledge, Application, Thinking, and Communication. Quite noticeably, many of them are usually not accustomed to this marking scheme.

By and large, grade 9 math is more of a word problem than other middle school courses. Consequently, the students will need to develop strong skills here, and quickly too, if they must do well. We see lots of students give up here, thinking that they will never do well in math. Whereas everyone who puts in the necessary work will do excellently well in math.

Study Tip for Grade 9 Academic Mathematics for Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington students

To excel in grade 9 maths, you must try to create a regular work schedule and maintain it - more like a study time-table. Ideally, you must be able to spend a minimum of 4 hours every week to master your math course. The only way to master math is by constant practice, so you need to create a steady work schedule.

Finally, do not forget to spend enough time addressing your word problems, because you can't avoid them. In fact, if you can grasp the concept now, the rest of high school will be a jolly ride for you.