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Summer Camp

English Writing Summer Camp

(Live online, small group)

The Brain Adventure camp courses teach foundation skills to prepare your child for the next school year - English Writing. This is an important skill for their long term success.

Kids nowadays write the way they text. There is no discipline in creating good sentence structure There is no planning prior to writing the paragraphs, and kids often times write whatever comes to their mind. This is why they get blanked out and don't know where to start.

In our English Writing Class Summer Camp, we target these weakness in a step by step approach, delivered in an interactive and fun lesson. We start with grammar and sentence structure, then move into organizing ideas and vocabulary usage. It is a truly fun learning experience, a unique summer camp for children.

For the advanced group (Grade 7-8), we move into essay writing and critical thinking in week 3 and 4.

Welcome to join us in English Writing Summer Camp

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Our approach
of teaching
English writing
How we engage
our young students
in our Live lessons
over Zoom
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Key benefit to your child

English Writing Summer Camp

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small group
(8 per class)
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Learn Core
foundation skillls
to succeed in school
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Weekly homework
to keep your child
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Routine learning
in the summer
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Meet our English Teachers

English Writing Summer Camp

Diana J.

PhD candidate, English literature, York University. She has 6+ years of experience teaching students from grade 4 to 12. This includes teaching first year English tutorials at York University.

Diana explains the common challenge for children in sentence structure and how our program will strengthen that foundation

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Anthony M.

Master graduate, English literature, University of Toronto. Anthony has 3+ years of teaching experience, including his tenure at Queen Elizabeth team. Anthony is patient and detailed oriented and knows how to make online learning engaging !

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Our Approach to teach English Writing

English Writing Summer Camp

How to write properly structured sentences and paragraphs
Building Vocabulary is about understanding the meaning and learning how to use it.
How we engage our young students in our Live lessons over Zoom

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In our English Writing Summer Camp, the first part would be learning sentence structure, our tutor will help students to understand the sentence strcture by providing vivid example.

Daily homework
with a major
writing project

During the English Writing Summer Camp, our tutor will provide weekly homework with a major writing project to help kids better understand.

Inquiry for English Writing Summer Camp: +1 (365) 800-3775

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FAQ - English Writing Summer Camp

What is the goal of a summer camp?

The study discovered that allowing children to take chances and face obstacles at camp helps them develop independence, resiliency, and self-esteem in a secure, supervised, and supportive setting.

What is the best age to go to summer camp?

Children should be at least 7 years old before participating in one-week or longer overnight camp programmes, according to advisors from The Camp Experts & Teen Programs.

Why is summer camp important to the life of a child?

A summer camp program provides a secure place for children to develop social skills, make decisions, and maybe even experience nature. In fact, early socialising may be more beneficial to growth and development than reading or eating veggies!

What happens at English writing camps?

The English Writing Workshop is a teaching method that aims to help kids become more confident and proficient writers. Children get opportunity to work individually and with their peers during Writing Workshop. Selecting subjects, drafting, rewriting, editing, and releasing their own work are all part of the writing process for them.

What is an English summer camp?

It's a mix of the English writing class and summer camp. It involves using games, music, and activities to teach English in a FUN, dynamic, and participatory manner. You'll spend some of your time at an English summer camp in English courses with students from all around the world, and the rest of your time participating in fascinating activities and excursions.