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  • - Ontario Universities’ Fair (OUF)
    October 1-2, 2022, from 9:30 am to 5 pm (ET), daily Metro Toronto Convention Centre

  • - OUAC requires schools to submit midterm grades in term 1

  • - There are no university presentations at OUF 2022, if students are looking for a similar experience, please attend the virtual Information Sessions:
    October 11, 5-8 pm (ET)
    November 9, 5-8 pm (ET)
    December 1, 5-8 pm (ET)

Table of contents

What is OUAC?

OUAC stands for the Ontario University Applicadtion Center. Universities obtain your grades and supplementary applications from the OUAC and not from your school.

All students applying to universities in Ontario must have an account on www.OUAC.on.ca. Students need to fulfill all requirements, including the pre-requisite courses, the grades and supplementary application to get accepted.

The deadline for individual application varies, depending on the program you choose. However, you will need to check the deadline for submitting your program of choice. This is very important.

For further OUAC information, visit OUAC site: https://www.ouac.on.ca/

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How do I access my OUAC account?

Students can access their OUAC by going to OUAC login page

To help you to get into top universities, Queen Elizabeth offer credit courses with small class sizes and high quality education. You can enroll in MHF4U(Advanced Functions), English12(ENG4U), physics12(SPH4U), chemistry12(SCH4U), Calculus and Vectors(MCV4U)

Understanding the OUAC application process

What will university see in my profile via OUAC?

OUAC is a university application center, where the university will see all of your grade 11 and 12 marks, along with the students choice for university and a place to accept offers to universities.

Furthermore, universities are mostly interested in the top six marks from the students. Some university programs require certain pre requisite, namely, English 12, Adv Functions, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. It depends on the univesrity and programs.

What is OUAC 101 applicant or 105 applicants?

101 applicants refers to Ontario high school students, whereas 105 applicants are special case students, such as mature students

For 101 applicants: you must be a full time day school student. In this case, you will obtain your login information and pasword directly from your school. Your school is responsible to submit the grades to OUAC.

For 105 applicants: you will be considered a 105 applicant, if:

  • - you are a mature student
  • - you attend a high school outside of Ontario
  • - you did not attend school for the past 7 months consecutively

if you are a 105 student, you can still create an account with OUAC. OUAC will not be responsible to submit your grades to universities. In this case, you are responsible to submit your grades, transcripts and report cards directly to the universities yourself.

How do I create my account and login to OUAC?

OUAC provides a tutorial to guide you through.

How do I access my OUAC reference number?

After you have created your OUAC account, you will obtain your OUAC reference number. This number starts with year + 6 digits. for example:


And this OUAC reference number will appear on the left hand column of your OUAC homepage.

When does school submit my grades to OUAC?

OUAC has a series of dates, where they collect marks and pose deadline for schools to submit all the students grade:

OUAC marks collection dates:

Oct - Nov - Semester 1 midterm mark submission

Jan - Feb - Semester 1 final mark submission

Mar - Apr - Semester 2 midterm mark submission

June - Semester 2 final mark submission

Does OUAC apply to only Ontario universities, or I can use OUAC for out of province universities?

students who apply to out of province universities must authorize the university to collect their grades from the OUAC.

To complete the authorization process, the student must provide their 11 digit OUAC Reference number on the university application form:

2022 - xxx - xxx

The following out of province universities may obtain grades from OUAC

Acadia University
University of Calgary
Dalhousie University
McGill University
Simon Fraser University

For the other universities, you may contact the universities and check them independently.

How to complete the OUAC Application

This video posted by OUAC will help you:

How to respond to OUAC offers?

This official video by the OUAC will help you step by step

What are the criteria for OUAC?

OUAC stands for the Ontario University Applicadtion Center. Universities obtain your grades and supplementary applications from the OUAC and not from your school.

All students applying to universities in Ontario must have an account on www.OUAC.on.ca. Students need to fulfill all requirements, including the pre-requisite courses, the grades and supplementary application to get accepted.

The deadline for individual application varies, depending on the program you choose. However, you will need to check the deadline for submitting your program of choice. This is very important.

For further OUAC information, visit OUAC site: https://www.ouac.on.ca/

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How to Apply OUAC online?

The following are the steps through your OUAC and university application process

OUAC Step 1: Research on your target university and program

Your first step is to check out the university websites and the programs you plan to enroll:

  • - Check out the program that the university offers
  • - Use the OUAC code and write down the program that you are applying
  • - Check the criteria, especially on which high school courses you need to complete. (i.e. the pre-requisite courses). Admission requirement is also important
  • - Check the criteria, especially on which high school courses you need to
  • - Check the grade you need on the top 6 grade 12 average. In addition, some schools require "must have" courses. For example, most tier one business schools requires adv functions (MHF4U) and calculus (MCV4U)
  • - Check if there are supplementary application you need to submit. Check the deadline for submission. This is very important

Note - Below we have university admission at a glance, where we summarize all the major programs admission requirement on a chart

Note - Below we have the university admission deadline card, it lists out all the application deadlines

OUAC Step 2: Gather your information

  • - In Oct / Nov, you will receive your access code from your school:
  • - School Number

    - Student Number

    - Temporary PIN

You need to use this for your application

OUAC Step 3: Fill in your Application

  • - Create your OUAC account. If you already have an OUAC account, write down your username and password so you won't lose it.
  • - You will need your username and password, when you select your university programs, check your status of your offers and accept your offers
  • - Complete each section of the OUAC application page
  • - Review and double check the programs you want to apply before clicking "I Verify and Agree"
  • - Once you click "I Verify and Agree", you need to submit your application along wtih the fees before the deadline of your targeted programs.
  • - Your OUAC reference number will be generated. Write this down and put it in a safe place. You will use this number when you contact OUAC later on, as well as submitting your grades or supplementary applications

OUAC Step 4: After you apply

  • - Once you submitted your application, login to verify details. You can always make changes if needed.
  • - Your university offers or request for info will be sent only via email. Double check your spam filter and make sure that you don't block those.
  • - Most university offers (except early acceptance) will be sent by the end of May

For further OUAC information, visit OUAC site: https://www.ouac.on.ca/

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Dealine for OUAC
Important Deadline and Dates
for University Application

For Ontario high school students (101)

OUAC winter admission for 101 applicant - OUAC website has the deadline for individual universities

OUAC deadline - you should note on your calendar:

Aug 2022
The OUAC offers OUInfo and other materials for high school students in Ontario
Nov 2022
Deadline for OUAC to obtain students file from Ontario high schools
Nov 25, 2022
Deadline for Ontario high schools to submit midterm grades for all 4U/M courses Schools are required to submit any midterm grades for full year courses as soon as they are available.
Nov 2022
Deadline for Ontario universities to obtain midterm grades for first semester from OUAC
Jan 19, 2023
Deadline for all Ontario high school students to submit their choice of universities and programs via OUAC account
Feb 23, 2023
Deadline for OUAC to receive all final grades from semester 1, for students 4U/M courses from Ontario high schools
May 4, 2023
Deadline for Ontario high schools to submit all midterm grades for Semester 2 to OUAC,
May 29, 2023
The last day where all high school students will receive an offer or decline from the universities.
June 1, 2023
High school students will accept their univesrity offers on the OUAC system
July 13, 2023
Deadline for all Ontario high school to submit the final grades to OUAC
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queens acceptance rate

University admission summary for all major universities avaliable for:
Computer Science
Life Science
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Acceptance Rate and cut off
Acceptance rate for Queen's Commerce: EST 6%
Queen's Commerce admission average
Acceptance rate for Western Ivey: EST 8.5%
Western Ivey admission average
Acceptance rate for Wilfrid Laurier Business: EST 28.4%
Wilfrid Laurier Business admission average
Acceptance rate for Rotman Business School: EST 12%-15%
Rotman Business admission average
Acceptance rate for Schulich Business School: EST 6%-7%
Schulich Business admission average
Tutoring • Private credit course
Tips to top choice universities
QE alumni sharing experience:
How do I get into my top choice university
u of t acceptance rate
Jeremy R.
Admitted to Western Ivey School of Business
former QEA student

Early on in high school, I knew I wanted to apply to the top business schools in Canada, which led me to focus my attention on getting accepted to both the Western and Queen’s business programs. QE has given me significant support in my academic well-being as well as giving advice on ... [to be continued]

university admission
Colin H.
Admitted to
Queen’s Commerce
former QEA student

In Grade 12, managing your time is critical. You need to allocate your limited resources (i.e. your time) on what matters most. This principle applies to various tasks from focusing your energy on the most important subjects, to scoring the test questions you know first, to focusing on one or two job experiences or extracurricular activities that make you stand out....
[to be continued]

Taylor W.
Taylor W.
admitted to
Western University
former QEA student

I was one of the lucky ones in school who knew what they wanted to do since they were 5 years old. Knowing I wanted to go into medicine created a drive for me to achieve high marks in all my classes especially the sciences, made me get 100+

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2022/2023 Western Ivey AEO Supplementary Application

Part of the Western Ivey HBA AEO application are 2,500 word essays that ask you to describe 2 top activities you finished in the past four years.

Western's deadline for the Ivey AEO application for secondary school students is January 12th, 2023 at 4:00 pm EST.

The admissions committee uses the activities essays to get to know applicants and evaluate skills, all so they determine if you're a good fit for the program. The activity essays are without a doubt the most crucial portino of the application.

Western Ivey AEO acceptance rate
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Western Ivey AEO application deadline
Western Ivey School of Business (AEO) application essay
western acceptance rate
by Jeremy R.
admitted to Western Ivey School of Business (AEO)
QEA student alumni

Attaining AEO status to the Western Ivey School of Business is not an easy task. However, with the right approach and execution, getting into this competitive program can certainly be done.

Aside from having strong academics, the main aspect the staff evaluating your application will look for is extra-curricular involvement. Simply put, they want to see. [...to be continued]

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2022/2023 Queen's Commerce Supplementary Application

The most integral part of the Queen's Commerce application are the Supplementary Essays (SE).

Out of three random essay prompts, you must complete two essays under 2,000 words (with spaces included)

The questions, which are accessibly on SOLUS, will be available for 30 day periods. If you fail to finish the first set of SE questions within the 30 days, a new set will be generated.

Essays cannot be submitted beyond February 15th, 2023.

Here are some past year questions for Queen's Commerce Supplementary Essay (Note that questions wording might change):

1. Explain in detail a situation or time in your life that changed/shaped who you have become
2. Describe a situation where the outcome suprised you, where you were expecting not to enjoy yourself, but did.

3. Write about the work you have done to expand your perspective in life into a more diverse way of thinking.
4. Tell us about the most influential person in your life. Why do you admire them?
5. Recount a moment where you were witness to something unjust. How did you react, and how would you change your reaction if you could?
6. Do you have any advantages in life that can be used as catalysts for change or advocacy? If so, what are they?

Queen's Commerce acceptance rate
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Queen's Commerce application deadline

How to Write the Queen's Commerce Supplementary Essay

Western Ivey School of Business (AEO) application essay
queens acceptance rate
by Colin H.
admitted to Queen’s Commerce
QEA student alumni

While applying to universities, many students will focus on their grades, but have often neglected the importance of the application essay. You should start early (one to two months before the deadline) and compose at least 4-5 drafts on each essay.

The words on your essay are very limited, often times you have to deliver your points in about 300-400 words. Therefore you must go [...to be continued]

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2022/2023 Wilfird Laurier BBA Supplementary Application

Wifrid Laurier's undergraduate business degree, Laurier Business, accepts students with a minimun of 80% Laurier Grade Point Avergae (LGPA). This LGPA is calculated based on the 5 highest completed ful-credit courses, university or college level. Laurier Grades can be found through LORIS. If you are a transfer student from a different Ontario university/college, you must must have completed 5 full course equivalents (FCEs) or be in your final semester. Out of those 5 courses, 2 must be business courses.

Laurier Business students cannot be admitted into the BBA program with more than 8 FCEs. AP/IB/College Credits as well as Laurier Challenge Exams are included in those 8 courses. 15 FCEs must be completed to achieve the BBA degree. Contact admissions or visit their website for more detailed information about the Laurier business degree.

After having completing your Laurier application on OUAC, you will be able to complete the Applicant Background Summary (ABS). The ABS form documents your extracurricular activities and achievements.

There is also an optional ABS form that has 5 questions, each one letting you go into detail about areas like career, extracurriculars, employment, awards, volunteer experience in the community, and more.

Wilfird Laurier BBA acceptance rate
Inquiry for tutoring : +1 (888) 336 0885
Wilfird Laurier BBA application deadline

Wilfrid Laurier BBS - Supplementary (example questions)

note that the wording of the questions might be different but the idea is the same


Laurier BBA supplementary - example question 1

Describe in brief detail how your chosen Laurier program(s) will directy impact your future career plans and aspirations (2000 characters).


Laurier BBA supplementary - example question 2

List any extracurriculars and employment history that you feel represent good citizenship and leadership. For example, school activities, volunteering, work experience, sports, arts, student leadership programs, or other activities that would characterize you as a leader with various skills. You may answer the prompt in bullet points (max. 2000 characters)


Laurier BBA supplementary - example question 3

Including the completion of a Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) or any other special programs/curriculum, list any and all awards or recognitions you have achieved for acadmics or extracurriculars.


Laurier BBA supplementary - example question 4

In 2000 characters, describe a time when you exercised your leadership skillls successfully.


Laurier BBA supplementary - example question 5

Laurier prides itself in being an engaging and welcoming community of falculty, students, and staff. We strive to give back, vollunteer, and participate in community events. Explain how you will contribute positively to the Laurier community. (max 2000 characters)

Wilfird Laurier BBA university tour
Inquiry for tutoring : +1 (888) 336 0885
Wilfird Laurier BBA admission average

2022/2023 McMaster Engineering Supplementary Application

All students applying to the Faculty of Engineering, including Btech, Engineering 1, iBioMed, CompSci, must complete the McMaster Engineering Supplementary Application.

The Supplementary application allows the admissions committee to learn about you as an applicant, from getting to know your skills to your unique experiences, interests, and skills.


Inquiry for tutoring : +1 (888) 336 0885


The Supplementary Applicatio has a total of 4 questions.
You will be allowed unlimited practice questions before you finish your formal respones.
There must be 3 finished video responses, in which you will have 1 minute to prepare and 2 minutes to answer.
You will be given 10 minutes to finish 1 written response within 150 words

McMaster Engineering Interview Questions - Example questions

1. Personal questions


By answering the Personal Questions, you will have the opportunity to write about who you are and where you come from while also displaying your perspective, reactions, and how you apply skills such as organization and time management.


You will be asked to take a position or express an opinion about a certain topic, question, or issue in problem-based questions.

The goal of the problem-based questions is to take a position, justify your viewpoint with supporting evidence, and discuss how your answer represents you as an indiviudal. You want your position to benefit and enahnce your application.


McMaster Engineering - Supplementary / Interview sample questions

  1. Explain a strategy you have adopted to manage your time. Why did it work for you?
  2. Discuss a time in your life when you had a disagreement with someone while on a team/working in a group. How did the disagreement benefit you and how was it resolved?
  3. What about engineering makes you want to dedicate yor academics to it?
  4. What do you feel you bring to the McMaster Engineering Community?
  5. Explain a time when you had to overcome a difficult moment or challenge in your life. What tools did you use to overcome it?
  • - Often, people gravitate to those who can go outside their comfort zone. What is your opinion on this?
  • - How would you describe what it means to be ressorceful? Why is this quality important?
  • - Sometimes taking risks benefits more than being safe. Explain a situation where this would apply and if you agree.
  • - Creative problem solving is often valued. Why? Explain your opinion on this matter.
McMaster Engineering university tour
Inquiry for tutoring : +1 (888) 336 0885
McMaster Engineering admission average
I'm trying to log in but my PIN isn't working. What's the Problem?
I forgot my login information. What can i do?
I forgot my OUAC password.
I forgot my OUAC username.
Am I responsible for sending my high school midterm grades to the university?
At the end of the application, I see a warning and/or an error. What do i do?
Can I deffer my acceptance until next year or later?
Can I withdraw from a program and/or add a new program choice after I submit my application?
Do I require the OSAP link to complete my application?
Does it matter how I number my university or program choices?
Due to a serious illness (or a death in the family or another cause), my academic performance was affected. What should I do?
How can i check the status of my application?
How do I accept my offer of admission?
How do I cancel my application?
How many universities and programs can I choose to apply to on my application?
I accepted my offer online but when I go back in to my application, there is no acceptance listed in the "Applicant Response" column. What happened?
I already submitted my application but I made some mistakes. I am not able to get back into my application. What should I do?
I am taking a summer school course. How will the universities get my marks?
I am taking courses at 2 different schools. How will my grades be sent to the universities?

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