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Welcome to Queen Elizabeth Academy Math Tutoring Vaughan. We provide high quality Math tutoring in Vaughan for our students to build foundations.

High Quality Math Tutoring Vaughan

Math is the most important subject throughout high school, besides English. Achieving a good math grade is important to get into top universities. The challenge is that Math is cumulative and building the foundation is critical. Students often overlook this and have gaps developed and accumulated. QEA Math Tutors in Vaughan provides quality, one on one private tutoring, to teach the concepts and going over the problems step by step. We focus on understanding, nor memorizing.

Build your Math foundations and confidence with our private math tutoring program in Vaughan

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Math course tutoring available in Vaughan:

MHF4U (Advanced Functions) Advanced Functions Tutoring in Vaughan

MCV4U (Calculus) Calculus Tutoring in Vaughan

MCR3U (Math 11) Math 11 Tutoring in Vaughan

MDM4U (Data Management) Data Management Tutoring in Vaughan

MPM2D (Math 10) Math 10 Tutoring in Vaughan

MPM2D (Math 9) Math 9 Tutoring in Vaughan


Success Stories for tutoring students in Vaughan

Congratulations to Stephanie L., who ranked Top 15 in Canada selected by University Hub.

Math Tutoring Vaughan
Congratulations to our students who were admitted to their top choice university (Queens, Wilfred Laurier, McGill etc.).  Our students obtained scholarships from $2,000 to $23,000
Jeff R. Queen’s Commerce
Paul M. Queen’s Engineering
Melissa W. Western Ivey
Taylor W. Western Medical Science
Josh M. OCAD
Miranda D. Wilfred Laurier BBA (Co-op)
Colin H. Queen’s Commerce
Stephanie L. Queen’s Commerce
Jeremy R. Western Ivey
Robbie M. Wilfrid Laurier BBA (Co-op)
Eric M. Wilfrid Laurier BBA (Co-op)
Jiv S. Wilfrid Laurier BBA (Coop)
Vivian T. U of T Rotman
Stacy L. Western Engineering
Laura P. Western Medical Science
David P. U of T Rotman
Britney R. Wilfred Laurier BBA (Co-op)
  And more...
Math Tutoring Vaughan
Jerry T.
Admitted to Queen’s Commerce
math tutor near me
Taylor W.
Admitted to Western Medical Science
Math tutors
Sam A.
Admitted to Queen’s Science Honours

Our Math tutor can help you to achieve success in your Math courses

Success of QEA alumni

math tutor Vaughan
Mark J.
Investment banking analyst
Conaccord Genuity
Graduate of Western Ivey
QEA student alumni
math tutor Vaughan
Dr. T. Ward-able
Family Physician
Graduate of Western University
QEA student alumni
math tutor Vaughan
Stephanie L.
Microsoft Manager
Graduate of Queen’s Commerce
QEA student alumni
math tutor Vaughan
Julia S.
Business Dev. associate
Fidelity Investments
Graduate of Western University
QEA student alumni
math tutor Vaughan
Justin C.
Master degree candidate
UC Berkeley
Data analyst, Citigroup
Graduate of Boston University
QEA student alumni
math tutor Vaughan
Sam A.
MD Candidate
University of Queensland
Graduate of Queen’s University
QEA student alumni

Meet our math tutors in Vaughan

Meet our online and private math tutors in Vaughan

QEA approach to tutoring students in Vaughan
Nikki V.
QEA Math Teacher
Nikki is a certified teacher with Master degree in Education from University of Vaughan. She has been working with QEA for over 6 years, and many of QEA top students came out of her class
QEA teacher’s
extra care
during Covid 19
Hejab F.
Master candidate,
University of Vaughan
QEA Math Tutor
Kosal C., explains our approach of tutoring Math
Kosal C.
Master candidate, Mathematics
York University
QEA Math Tutor

QEA Tutoring in Vaughan - in Action!

Math Tutoring Vaughan
Math Tutoring Vaughan
Math Tutoring Vaughan
Math Tutoring Vaughan
Math Tutoring Vaughan
Math Tutoring Vaughan
Math Tutoring Vaughan
Math Tutoring Vaughan
Math Tutoring Vaughan
Math Tutoring Vaughan
join us in Math tutoring Vaughan

Common Math challenges and QE Approaches

In high school, next to English is math in order of importance. Essentially, achieving a good math grade is a prerequisite to get accepted to study most university programs today. Currently, about 85% of all university programs require good math grades.

Math is a cumulative subject. Hence, each grade level gradually builds into the next one, and serves as a building block to the next grade. When a student lacks good understanding of the concepts in the preceding grades, he or she will likely struggle. For instance, most math tests check for understanding of previous math concepts in solution steps.

QEA focuses on building students’ foundations in fundamental math concepts so they don't have issues in the future. QEA is accredited and regulated by the Ministry of Education. Expectedly, we have in-depth knowledge of math curriculum for all high school grades. Additionally, we understand how each math building block leads to the next. We use easy-to-understand lessons and step-by-step explanations in teaching these concepts, thereby helping our students progress well in math. Some even develop a passion for it!


Common challenges that most students from Vaughan face in math:


1. Weak foundational skills in math.

We often advise that students should begin learning math and building foundational skills in Grade 7 or 8. This is where they`re introduced to integers foundational concepts, such as fractions.In high school, they`ll learn graphing, algebra, and more complex manipulations. These are eseni bacus without the, the students will have a hard time progressing in math study. When we notice foundation gaps, we patch them up with lessons and practice questions to strengthen the students` understanding.

Inquiry for Math Tutoring Vaughan: (905) 257 9009

2. Word problems

This is common in most math courses, and is a major challenge for lots of students. Many students are unable to translate word problems into actual equations and variables. So we use different word problem scenarios under each topic to explain how to identify the given variables, the unknown(s), and place them in an equation.

Inquiry for Math Tutoring Vaughan: (905) 257 9009

3. Complex math concepts are confusing

Grade 10 maths often marks the beginning of complicated maths for most students. This level of maths has many complex parts. But knowing which equation and concept to use is a major step towards solving most questions.

At Queen Elizabeth Academy, we have a particular strategy that we use to make the process of learning math easier for our students. Our tutors use the “big picture” strategy. This involves showing them why each part exists and how all the parts are connected to each other, rather than going straight into the technical details. Once a student understands this “big picture”, solving word problems becomes very easy.

Inquiry for Math Tutoring Vaughan: (905) 257 9009

The QEA math tutoring program is one-on-one, private tutoring.

We build the student’s understanding of math concepts as well as their foundations through our coaching and the extra practice we provide.

Inquiry for Math Tutoring Vaughan: (905) 257 9009


Study effectively
with QE Math Tutoring Vaughan

Enhance your study with QE Math Tutoring Vaughan

How do you study more effectively with our Math tutoring in Vaughan? The key lies in a good team work with our math tutors in Vaughan. QE will provide good lessons so that you can understand the concepts. This will give you a boost in your confidence. But remember, if you want to excel math, merely getting good math tutoring lessons isn’t enough. You need to spend time and practice. This consistent effort that you put in will distinguish you from a top student and an average student.

Inquiry for Math Tutoring Vaughan: (905) 257 9009

How to get the most out of QE Math Tutoring Vaughan

Math tutoring Vaughan

1. Read ahead

It is important for you to know what you don’t know. This involves reading ahead before the tutoring session. Our Math tutors in Vaughan will explain to you the concepts during our lessons and attempt to find out your gaps. However, it will be very effective if you know your gaps ahead of time. All our top students do that, they read ahead, circle on the parts they don’t understand, and seek clarifications right away.

Inquiry for Math Tutoring Vaughan: (905) 257 9009

2. Make your own study notes

After the sessions in our Math tutoring in Vaughan, we advise you to write your own notes. To start off, you can screenshot your lessons our math tutors in Vaughan write on screen, when it’s conducted online. You can then organize it. From our lessons, read over the textbook and try out the practice questions. You can then summarize in your own words, with the example questions you attempted. Why not just rely on QE math tutor’s notes? Yes you can do this, but you can understand much better if you summarize them in your own words, and you can apply better on tests.

Inquiry for Math Tutoring Vaughan: (905) 257 9009

3.How to manage your time better with QE Math Tutors in Vaughan?

Time management is a key to your success, especially when you enter senior high school grades. The key to time management is to dedicate a time that you can put 100% of your efforts in your studies. We recommend you to use a calendar, so you can visualize your plan.

All our top students do this. You can pencil down a dedicated time, say Mon to Fri 5-6pm, for math, or other subjects. During this time, you take out all the distractions - turn off your phone, wifi, and focus solely on your work. You want to dedicate 100% of your effort to your work. QE Math tutors in Vaughan will provide you with homework, plus you get the ones from your school. Therefore, you time in making your own study notes and practice through the homework is important.

Inquiry for Math Tutoring Vaughan: (905) 257 9009

Any tips from QE top students - with QE Math tutors in Vaughan?

Here are two interviews that we conducted with Caroline (admitted to Cornell University, Engineering) and Madhavan (admitted to university of Michigan, neuroscience program).

You can get a lot of good tips from them! The key is not just listening to them, but to start using it!

Caroline C.

Admitted to: Engineering at Cornell University

Madhavan A.

Admitted to: Neuroscience program University of Michigan

QEA student alumni

Inquiry for Math Tutoring Vaughan: (905) 257 9009

If I am doing poorly, how can I use the help from QE Math tutoring in Vaughan?

If you aren’t performing well in the subject, chances are you have foundation gaps. The first step is really to address your foundation gaps. That’s also one of the focus on QE Math tutors in Vaughan. Once we discover your gaps during the tutoring session, we will re-teach you that particular component. Take an example, a lot of grade 11 and 12 students struggle with factoring, that’s one of the common foundation gaps. We will then re-teach it. Now, once you understand how to perform it, you need to practice at least 10-15 questions, so it sinks with you.

The next step is to review the lessons after the tutoring session. The best way is to write your own study notes. Then you need to practice homework problems. If you do all these 3 things, you will see measurable improvements from QE Math tutoring in Vaughan.

Inquiry for Math Tutoring Vaughan: (905) 257 9009

If I am doing well, and want to achieve higher to enter the top universities, how can I use QE Math tutoring in Vaughan?

QE have such good track records, on our students to Waterloo, Laurier, Queen’s, Western and McGill. We know the process and what it takes. To maintain a good grade, you need to schedule dedicated time to your study. Practice is really key. QE Math tutors in Vaughan will provide you with good lessons and if you are already achieving 80%+, then we will focus on the tough, application / thinking problems. The challenge for these types of problems is that your teachers always change the questions on tests. It is imperative for you to practice a variety of problems, and with the explanation from QE tutors in Vaughan, you will understand how to apply your knowledge on tests.

Keep in mind that, if you are aiming for the top schools, they are very competitive. You need to always keep up the work, and with the support from QE Math tutors in Vaughan - You can do it!

Inquiry for Math Tutoring Vaughan: (905) 257 9009


Math tutoring

Math tutor Vaughan 34

The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 11 and 12: Mathematics

High school math topics

In taking high school math course, here are the topics covered:


MPM1D. Grade 9 Prinicple of Mathematics

Grade 9 Math Tutoring Curriculum

Unit 1. Numeracy and Number Sense

  1. Numbers: Percents, Ratios and Rates
  2. Understanding Exponents
  3. Learning the principles of Fractions

Unit 2. Polynomials

  1. Exponent Laws
  2. Polynomials
  3. Distributive Property

Unit 3. Equations

  1. Simplifying Expressions and Solving Equations
  2. Algebra

Unit 4. Linear Relations

  1. Determining Characteristics of Linear Relations
  2. Investigating Constant Rate of Change
  3. Variation

Unit 5. Measurement and Geometry

  1. Slope and intercept
  2. Investigating the Properties of Slope
  3. Solving Problems Involving Perimeter, Area, Surface Area, and Volume

MPM2D. Grade 10 Principles of Mathematics

Grade 10 Math Tutoring Curriculum

Unit 1. Quadratic Relations

  1. Solving Linear Systems
  2. Basic Properties of Quadratic Relations
  3. Solving Problems Involving Quadratic Relations

Unit 2. Analytic Geometry

  1. Solving Problems by Using Linear Systems
  2. Exploring Line Segments
  3. Understanding Geometric Properties

Unit 3. Trigonometry

  1. Properties of Triangles
  2. Circumcentre of a Triangle
  3. Investigating Similarity and Solving Problems Involving Similar Triangles

Unit 4. Polynomials and Factoring

  1. Different types of Factoring
  2. Laws of Exponent
  3. Multi-Stage of Factoring

MCR3U. Grade 11 Functions

Grade 11 Math Tutoring Curriculum

Unit 1. Exploring Functions

  1. Introduce Rational Expressions
  2. Domain and Range
  3. Function Notation
  4. Learning Transformations of Functions
  5. Exponential Functions
  6. Discrete Functions

Unit 2. Trigonometry

  1. Primary and Secondary Trigonometric Ratios
  2. Laws of Sine and Cosine
  3. Applications of Trigonometry
  4. Solving problems using Trigonometry

Unit 3. Trigonometric Functions

  1. Sketching graphs of Sine, Cosine and Tangent
  2. Understanding Transformations of Trigonometric Functions
  3. Solving problems using Trigonometric Equations

Unit 4. Sequences and Series

  1. Introduce Sequences
  2. 3 types of Sequences
  3. Pascal’s Triangle
  4. Binomial Theorem
  5. Arithmetic and Geometric Series

MHF4U. Grade 12 Advanced Functions

Grade 12 Math Tutoring Curriculum

Unit 1. Polynomial Functions

  1. Transformations of Polynomial Functions
  2. Sketching graphs of Polynomial Functions
  3. Average Rate of Change
  4. Instantaneous Rate of Change

Unit 2. Polynomial Equations

  1. Descartes’ Rule of Signs
  2. Understanding Polynomial Equations
  3. Theorem of Factors

Unit 3. Trigonometric Functions

  1. Application of radian measure
  2. Transformations of Trigonometric Functions
  3. Solving problems involving Trigonometric equations

Unit 4. Logarithmic Functions

  1. Transformations of Logarithmic Functions
  2. Understanding Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
  3. Solving problems involving Logarithmic equations
  4. Properties of Logarithms

MCV4U. Grade 12 Calculus and Vectors

Grade 12 Math Tutoring Curriculum

Unit 1. Vectors

  1. Introduction to vectors and scalars
  2. Understanding vector properties
  3. Vector operations

Unit 2. Vector Applications

  1. Forces as Vectors
  2. Velocities as Vectors
  3. Dot Cross Product

Unit 3. Lines and Planes

  1. Parametric and Vector Equations of Lines in 2-Space
  2. Symmetric and Scalar Equations of Lines in 2-Space
  3. Lines in 3-Space

Unit 4. Rates of Change and Limits

  1. Rates of Change
  2. Learning the limits of functions
  3. The Derivative of a Function

Unit 5. Derivative Rules

  1. Power rule
  2. Product rule
  3. Chain Rule
  4. Quotient Rule

Unit 6. Curve Sketching

  1. Functions' Increasing/Decreasing Intervals
  2. Asymptotes
  3. Optimization
  4. L’Hôpital’s Rule
  5. Related Rates

Math Tutoring Vaughan subjects covered:
for students in Vaughan

IB Math Tutoring (HL and SL)
AP Math Tutoring
Year 1 University Calculus Tutoring
Year 1 University Discrete Math Tutoring




Inquiry for Math Tutoring Vaughan: (905) 257 9009


FAQ for Math Tutoring Vaughan

How can math tutoring in Vaughan help my child?

QE has a strong track record on supporting our students to academic excellence and long term success. Our tutoring program is private one on one, tailored towards the strengths and weaknesses of your child. Our tutoring program is lesson based, which means we don't sit back and wait for questions, because oftentimes they don't know what to ask. We actively teach lessons and provide weekly homework for practice.

How is QE math tutoring in Vaughan different from others?

QE provides quality education. What does this mean? To achieve high grade, it is important to have a systematic approach to build your child's foundation: Lessons, Homework Practice and coaching. For lessons, we actively teach the materials, organizing knowledge in step by step manner. This way, we facilitate understanding, not memorizing equations or steps. We provide package of homework practice, so that our students can learn a variety of problems and prepare well for tests. We also provide past tests and mock exams, such that we teach test writing techniques to optimize their performance.

How can my child achieve higher grade?

Academic excellence comes with understanding and hardwork. We take care of the understanding part in our lessons, where we teach the concepts in a easy-to-understand manner. to achieve high grade, the students need to practice and establish a good routine for working through homework. Making their own study notes will be preferred. We also teach test writing strategies, such as tackling multiple choice and complex application questions.

What are QE's credentials?

QE is Ministry accredited, which means we offer high school courses. We know the curriculum of each subject inside-out. We know what foundation building block is important leading to the next grade. As we have worked with 5,000+ students over the past 9 years, we are familiar with the common weakness and challenge they face on each subject. Therefore, we focus on what matters most to achieve success. Our students were admitted to top universities: Waterloo, Laurier, Queen's, Western, McGill with scholarship from $2,000 to $50,000.

What math tutor will be assigned to my child?

The average tenure of our tutors at QE is at least 3 years. Many of our tutors stay with QE for 5-6 years. In this way, they are experienced and have worked with hundreds of students. Many of them have taught our 110 hours credit course. New tutors need to go through a rigorous audition process in order to join QE. This includes showing in depth knowledge in our test and being able to explain concepts in a way that students can understand.

How much does math tutoring in Vaughan cost?

We charge per month (4 or 8 lessons a month). Depending on the program, we offer very competitive and fair rate. We provide much more value than the average tutoring centers or go-to-home agencies: successful experience, coaching, homework package, mock tests and exams, test writing strategies and lesson based tutoring.

What is a reasonable price for math tutoring?

QEA charge a very competitive price for tutoring. You are not just paying for a tutor, you have the whole support of our program and system. For example, we will provide foundation skills packages to start, and our weekly homework packages with application and thinking problems that mimic tests. Towards the final exam, we also provide mock exam

How do I become a math tutor in Vaughan?

Contact QEA! Our team is expanding and we welcome talented people and top academic achievers to join us!

Inquiry for Math Tutoring Vaughan: (905) 257 9009

Grade 9 - 10 Math tutoring Vaughan

Grade 9-10 Math tutoring Vaughan

Unlike Grade 8 to Grade 9 maths, Grade 9 and 10 math is markedly different. Students who haven't done so well in the previous grades will need some serious brushing up to cope. In this Grade, they`ll learn concepts like linear equations, quadratics, and geometry.

Some of the issues that students face in Grade 9 and 10 math include thinking problems and word problems. However, if they have strong foundations from the past grades, succeeding in Grade 9 and 10 becomes so much easier. But the reality is that these students have foundation gaps from Grades 8 and 9, especially in core topics like integers, fractions, and linear equations. So we help them fill up these gaps by encouraging diligent work and providing guidance.


Tips to study in Math 9 and 10

Math Tutoring Vaughan


From our Math tutors Vaughan, it is a good idea to organize math problems into types. This will help you to determine which math problems give you the most difficulty, and then you will be able to focus on those ones.

Math tutoring Vaughan


As well, make sure to spend a considerable amount of time practicing beyond the math homework being assigned by your teacher. A Grade 9 or 10 math student should be doing about 5 hours of math work a week in order to do very well on the course. Always avoid, if you can, last minute studying before the test. You will be better off if you assess your math skills and knowledge on a regular basis.

Math tutoring Vaughan

To inquire about Grade 9 and Grade 10 Math in Vaughan,
Call Queen Elizabeth Academy at (905) 257 9009
Grade 11 Math tutoring Vaughan

Grade 11 Math Tutoring Vaughan

Grade 11 Math is a major stepping stone into more advanced math in the 12th grade. From experience, we`ve seen that lots of students at this stage are often at a crossroads. Many of them do not know whether to choose the Mixed level math course or the Academic level math course. But we usually advise them to go for the Academic level math, as it gives them options to choose from a more diverse range of university courses. The challenge is that they'll have to do more work. So unless they are certain of the pathe they want to take, we encourage them to go for the Advanced level math course.

There are several challenging units in grade 11 Math, such as exponents, transformation, trigonometry graphing, and trigonometry identities. In fact, it is at this level that they get introduced to proofs. The simpler units include quadratics, series, and sequences.


Tips to Study Grade 11 Math


Before taking this math course, try to strengthen your math foundational skills from grade 10. Key math skills include factoring (especially trinomials), fractions (grade 8-9 level), Linear systems and quadratics with a good understanding of domain and range, x and y intercepts and asymptotes. With math foundational skills down it will be easier to follow the lessons and work in this math course, and less time will be spent catching up on previous material.


Many grade 11 math questions involve multiple steps. Ensure you understand why you are undertaking each step from a logical or math perspective, and the pinpoint the goal of the steps, that is to say as ‘what am I trying to solve?’ Work through the steps after you have done this. By breaking the problems into steps, the questions will seem less overwhelming.
To inquire about Grade 11 Math Tutoring in Vaughan,
Call Queen Elizabeth Academy at (905) 257 9009
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Advanced functions tutoring Toront

In Advanced Functions, students learn units like factoring, graphing, trigonometry, and exponents. Most university programs require this course as a prerequisite, hence they`re very important. Typically, students will build upon the skills they learned in the Grade 11 course. At this point, things can get even tougher for an average student. Some units, such as polynomial functions, are quite simple, while others, such as trigonometry and proofs are on the hard side. For this reason, some students have described Advanced Functions as a rollercoaster ride of a course, considering all the thrills and challenges it entails.


Tips to study Advanced Functions


from our math tutor Vaughan

It would be a good idea, before the beginning of Advanced Functions, to brush up on the foundations skills of  math, such as factoring (especially trinomial factoring), domain and range, graphing, adding rational expression, and trigonometry ratios. If you wait until the course begins, it may be difficult to keep pace with the new material in Advanced Functions. Foundations are always important, and as with all mathematics course, this one builds upon your past knowledge, so be sure to review before starting Advanced Functions!

Math tutoring Vaughan


from our math tutor Vaughan

Also, make sure to keep good, organized notes to stay on top of the course units in Advanced Functions. Do not be afraid to practice problems beyond those assigned in the homework, as Advanced Functions is known for containing a very wide variety of questions and problems, and therefore the more you expose yourself to such problems, the better prepared you will be. Because of this, the Queen Elizabeth Academy provides all of our students with extra worksheets on Advanced Functions and practice tests to hone their skills and succeed.

Math tutoring Vaughan

To inquire about our Math Tutoring on Advanced Functions Math tutoring in Vaughan,
Call Queen Elizabeth Academy at (905) 257 9009
Calculus Tutoring Vaughan

Calculus Tutoring Vaughan

In Calculus, there are two different sections - derivative (extends from work in Advanced Functions) and Vectors Calculus, which is completely unrelated to the first. Vector Calculus is similar to Physics in terms of problem-solving. The Calculus derivative section takes root in and branches out from Advanced Functions. It includes units like algebra, graphing, trigonometry, and logarithms. The vector component, on the other hand, is entirely new, and involves 3D equations of lines and planes. The problem-solving aspects of Vector Calculus are also similar to physics. Generally, many students find Advanced Functions difficult.


Tips to study Calculus


from our math tutor Vaughan

In order to succeed in Vector Calculus, make sure you are proficient in exponents, factoring, combining rational expressions such as fractions with algebra, and solving equations.

Make sure to pay special attention to the Optimization Unit in Calculus, which includes many word problems. If you struggle with word problems, make sure to prepare for this Calculus unit in particular.  As always, make sure to keep your notes organized. Identify the different kinds of Calculus problems. This will help you to clarify the Calculus concepts in this course significantly, and also help to keep track of your progress.


from our math tutor Vaughan

When approaching vectors in Calculus, the concepts are highly complex. To address this, try to lay out and write down all of the steps clearly, and write down why you are taking such steps as well. What variable are you attempting to achieve at every step? This approach to tackle Calculus will simplify some of the more complex questions, and will also allow you to pinpoint areas in which you will require extra help.

To inquire about our Math Tutoring on Calculus, Math tutoring in Vaughan,
Call Queen Elizabeth Academy at (905) 257 9009

Our Approach of Tutoring for students in Vaughan

At QEA, we focus on building the foundation of our students and understanding of the materials, not memorizing. Our tutoring approach facilitates independent thinking, whether it is analyzing a math solution or a Shakespeare text. Our tutors teach each lesson meticulously step by step, explain in a manner that our students can understanding.

If you live in Vaughan and would want your children to enhance their academic standing and build long term success, you are welcome to join our private tutoring program comprising of chemistry, biology, physics, math and English. Our team of tutors are specialized in each of these subject areas, and will become a role model of your children for academic achievements.

The Queen Elizabeth Quality

Queen Elizabeth Academy has a strong tradition of providing high quality education through our science tutoring programs.  Many of our students were admitted to top universities with scholarship ranging from $2,000 to $23,000.  Queen Elizabeth students alumni had build strong foundation, which had helped them to pursue their science career in university.  Many of our students alumni had successfully entered medical school and Master degree program in chemistry and biology. 

In our science tutoring programs, we coach our students with care and with easy to understand explanation over complex science concepts.  We work with our student through step by step.


Join us in Math Tutoring Vaughan

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Students tutored by QEA in Vaughan

Matt B.
a grade 12 student admitted to Laurier Business
Sebastian G.
a grade 12 student admitted to McGill University
Andrew G.
admitted to Western University

Paige M.
Admitted to Queen’s University student alumni of QEA enrolled in course

Kristen C.
Admitted to University of Waterloo student alumni of QEA enrolled in course

Meet our Math tutor Vaughan

Welcome to join us in math tutoring Vaughan

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with QE Math Tutoring Vaughan

Math Courses Overview
Math Tutoring Vaughan


MCR3U Functions
Course Overview

MCR3U / Functions is one of the most important Math courses in grade 11 for university admission

MCR3U Functions - Course Description

This course introduces the mathematical concept of the function by extending students’ experiences with linear and quadratic relations. Students will investigate properties of discrete and continuous functions, including trigonometric and exponential functions; represent functions numerically, algebraically, and graphically; solve problems involving applications of functions; investigate inverse functions; and develop facility in determining equivalent algebraic expressions. Students will reason mathematically and communicate their thinking as they solve multi-step problems.

Inquiry for Math Tutoring Vaughan: (905) 257 9009

What is taking MCR3U Functions like?

In preparing for Grade 12 Mathematics, students must have a solid grasp of Grade 11 Mathematics. Although, what we see is that students at this stage are often faced with the difficult choice of choosing between the Mixed level course and the Academic level course. From experience, we advise students to stick with the Grade 11 Academic Math, as it is a more flexible option. However, the challenge with most students is that the course requires a bit more work. But it also creates multiple opportunities for university programs to pick from, typically ranging from engineering to business courses. So, unless a student is absolutely sure of the path he/she wishes to take after high school, they should stick with a flexible option.

Grade 11 Math has several difficult units, including exponents, transformation, trigonometry graphing, and trigonometry identities. This is also the first time they'll encounter proofs. The simpler units include Quadratics, series, and sequences, which are mostly a review of grade 10 topics.

Inquiry for Math Tutoring Vaughan: (905) 257 9009

Tips to succeed in MCR3U Functions

It's advisable to build strong foundational skills in grade 10 before taking this course. Factoring (especially trinomials), fractions (grade 8-9 level), Linear systems, and quadratics are the critical skills at this stage. Additionally, students will need a good understanding of domain and range, x and y intercepts, and asymptotes to excel in this course. It is always easier to keep pace with all lessons and course work in this course once the student has mastered the foundational skills.

The thing about grade 11 questions is that they involve multiple steps. To ensure an easy flow, you must understand the logic and concept behind each step you take, and then pinpoint why you`re taking those steps. In other words, “what am I trying to solve?” Work through the steps again after you have done this. This is essentially how you demystify mathematical problems.

Inquiry for Math Tutoring Vaughan: (905) 257 9009

(905) 257 9009

MHF4U Advanced Functions Course Overview

MHF4U / Advanced Functions is one of the most important Math courses in grade 12 for university admission

MHF4U Advanced Functions - Course Description

MHF4U / Advanced Functions extends students’ experience with functions. Students will investigate the properties of polynomial, rational, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions; develop techniques for combining functions; broaden their understanding of rates of change; and develop facility in applying these concepts and skills. Students will also refine their use of the mathematical processes necessary for success in senior mathematics.

MHF4U is intended both for students taking the Calculus and Vectors course as a prerequisite for a university program and for those wishing to consolidate their understanding of mathematics before proceeding to any one of a variety of university programs.

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What is taking MHF4U Advanced Functions like?

MHF4U is a very important course for many students because most university programs require this course as a pre-requisite. The skills learned in the Grade 11 course are built upon in this course, including factoring, graphing, trigonometry and exponents.

Students will likely have varying levels of proficiency when taking this course, as some units, such as polynomial functions, are quite simple, while others, such as trigonometry and proofs. Some students have thus described it as a roller coaster ride of a course, with all the thrills (and challenges) that that entails.

Inquiry for Math Tutoring Vaughan: (905) 257 9009

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Inquiry for Math Tutoring Vaughan: (905) 257 9009

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