How to Study Effectively: Building Good Study Habits and Time Management Skills

how to study Effectively

In simple terms, an effective study habit is the most important factor to achieve excellent grades. The challenge with lots of students is that they do not know how to study. The good news is that anyone can learn and master this skill.

One thing you must understand is that academic achievement is not entirely dependent on how smart you are. Rather, it is allotting a good schedule to schoolwork, and not relying on last-minute cramming and follow-through. In this article, I will provide you with easy strategies for enhancing your studying skills and using your time more judiciously to achieve long-term academic success.

What is the Most Effective Way to Study? – Building a Good Study Habit

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Achieving good grades and accomplishing your goals in school come through hard work. And the ability to work consistently is attainable, only with structured schedules and well-thought-out study habits. But what exactly is a “study habit”?

A study habit is an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until the motivation to study, read, or finish homework becomes almost a routine. One of the amazing benefits of developing good study habits early in the school year is that you will soon find yourself completing schoolwork without having to think about working. Studying becomes a routine and not a drag, as some students see schoolwork.

Building effective time management skills and good study habits require diligence. Here are 6 steps on how to build good study habits.

1. Make a decision to change your study habits

As with other categories of people, students also have trouble switching from their old studying habit to a better one. Typically, procrastination and inertia will stand in the way. How then do you break free from your old habit? 

You need to decide! Make a decision and stick to it. Setting a goal to succeed can help you here. Write it on a piece of paper and place it in your room, or someplace where you can see it every day.

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2. Develop and follow your newly created routine and set boundaries

A typical study pattern that I have observed in some of my past students is their desire to finish their homework right after school. But not long after, they`re inundated with irresistible distractions: Instagram, TikTok, TV, friends, and video games.

If you must learn how to study effectively, then you need to set boundaries to protect the routine you`ve created. Such boundaries can be refusing to turn on the TV, turning off your cell phone, and putting away video games until your work is done

3. Set daily objectives

This is one of the most important tips on how to study effectively. You should develop the habit of setting your daily objective before starting your work. Which subjects are you studying today? How much time will you spend studying?

Write them down and post it in a place where you can see them every time, and stay reminded. For example, your objective of the day can be something like this:

  • Read Biology Chapter 7, pages 556-568
  • Review class notes taken during class for the lecture
  • related to this homework.
  • Read the homework assignment, do Problems 1-5
  • Take a short break.
  • Do Problems 6-10.

This will help you learn how to study more effectively. Breaking down your goal allows you to create a feasible step-by-step flowchart on what to do each day. Essentially, daunting tasks like large projects, can be broken down into biteable sizes of work.

4. Use a calendar to manage your time

Learning how to study effectively depends on your time management skills.  To study effectively, you need to schedule your work ahead of time. When are you doing your daily math practice?  When are you writing your essay?  And when are you meeting your friends? 

It is important to dedicate specific time to your work, and pencil them in your calendar.  For example, Mon to Fri 5.00-6.00 – Math homework practice.  Be precise.

5.  Avoid distractions

Set up a good and comfortable study space at home. Ideally, a low-traffic area like the library would be best. During study time, turn off the wifi, your cellphone, Instagram, or anything that will distract you from studying effectively.

Avoiding distraction borders and centres on self-discipline, and is key in your quest to learn how to study effectively. You need to promise yourself that the time you allot for studying will be wholly dedicated to studying, not 50 percent studying and 50 percent texting.

6. Reflect on your progress

The last tip on how to study is regularly dedicating time to reflect on your progress. What have you done right? If you`re still having difficulties, then what are you not getting right? Appreciate yourself as you count your progress.

Look out for what you can do better. Is there any room for improvements? Have you followed through? If not, why not?

Final Words

These study skills will help you organize your time and become better.  To accelerate this process, and to avoid unnecessary struggling, it is often better to have a professional tutor or a coach to explain the concepts and walk you through the homework, preparing you for tests.  Check out Queen Elizabeth Academy, where we have successfully worked with thousands of students to achieve better grades, and to get into top universities. We provide tutoring, academic coaching, to build foundations for your children. To enquire, visit us: English tutoring.