Strategies to build an academic foundation

Adapting to the new high school environment early is crucial for a
student’s success over the next 4 years and is often overlooked by
parents and students. Most students coming out of elementary school are
accustomed to a “take it easy” environment, where homework, stress
level and competition is minimal. High school is different. The demand on
the student is significant, from the fast pace of the curriculum, to the
difficulty of tests and exams. While navigating through these challenges,
students must build a solid foundation in Math and English, strong study
habits and must develop the motivation to propel them towards their goal
of long term academic success.

This booklet is composed for parents and students who are just entering high school in order to offer them insights on how to succeed in high school. It is organized in 3 sections: 1) The common challenges that new high school students encounter and how to overcome them, 2) Strategies to succeed in Math, English and Science and 3) Building study habits and motivation. The information in this booklet is derived from Queen Elizabeth Academy’s experience of working with over 1,000 high school students, many of whom were admitted to top universities with scholarships ranging in value from $2,000 to $23,000. Many Queen Elizabeth Teachers and Advisors are enrolled in Harvard University and other top universities. They specialized in their chosen fields ranging from medicine to English literature, and have provided insights for this booklet.