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Grade II Math is a major stepping stone into more advanced math in the 12th grade. From experience, we’ve seen that lots of students at this stage are often at a crossmads. Many of them do not know whether to choose the Mixed keel math course or the Academic level math course. But we usually advise them to go for the Academic level math, as it gives them options to choose from a more diverse range of university courses.The challenge is that they’ll have to do more work. So unless they are certain of the pathe they want to take, we encourage them to go for the Advanced level math course.

There are several challenging units in grade II Math, such as exponents, transformation, trigonometry graphing, and trigonometry identities. In fact, it is at this level that they get introduced to proofs. The simpler units include quadratics, series, and sequences.

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Advanced Functions, students learn units like factoring, graphing, trigonometry, and exponents. Most university programs require this course as a prerequisite, hence they very important. Typically, students will build upon the skills they learned in the Grade 11 course. At this point, things can get even tougher for an average student. Some units, such as polynomial functions, are quite simple, while others, such as trigonometry and proofs are on the hard side. For this reason, some students have described Advanced Functions as a roller caster ride of a course, considering all the thrills and challenges it entails.

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In Calculus, there are two different sections – derivative (extends from work in Advanced Functions) and Vectors Calculus, which is completely unrelated to the first. Vector Calculus is similar to Physics in terms of problem-solving. The Calculus derivative section takes root in and branches out from Advanced Functions. It includes units like algebra, graphing, trigonometry, and logarithms. The vector component, on the other hand, is entirely new, and involves 3D equations of lines and planes. The problem-solving aspects of Vector Calculus are also similar to physics. Generally, many students find Advanced Functions difficult.

Grade 7-10 Math Tutoring available

We focus on foundation building, from grade 7 (integers, fractions, algebra) to grade 10 (quadratics, linear systems, word problems) We follow the school curriculum and explain the concepts and problems step by step, in a one on one scenario. This will help your child to excel through the elementary / junior high school curriculum and have a good foundation for senior high school, where the mark counts for university.