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Math Tutor Mississauga and Oakville

Math is the most important subject throughout high school, besides English.  Achieving a good math grade will open up opportunities for students to enter key university programs such as business, the sciences, and engineering.  Nearly 85% of all university programs require good math grades to enter.

The major concern for math is that it is cumulative.  Each math grade level is a building block to the next, and without a strong knowledge of previous math concepts, students will struggle. For example, math tests often check for understanding of previous math concepts in most steps of the questions asked.

At QEA, we focus on building the student’s math foundations for their long term success.  Since QEA is an inspected school under the Ministry of Education, we have in-depth knowledge of the math curriculum and how each math building block leads to the next.  Through easy-to-understand lessons and step-by-step explanations, most of our students progress well in math and develop a passion for it.

Common challenges that most students face in math:

1.  Weak foundational skills in math.

Students should begin building their math foundational skills in Grade 7 or 8, starting with integers and fractions, and proceeding into graphing, algebra and more complex manipulations in high school.  Without strong foundational skills, a student will struggle with math year by year, chapter by chapter.  The key is to patch up math foundational gaps with lessons and lots of practice so that the student can strengthen his or her understanding.

  1. 2. Word problems

This is a typical math challenge that most students face.  Most students have difficulties translating word problems into equations and variables.  The strategy is to have students understand different word problem scenarios within a chapter by having them associate the key elements to the variables and equations.

3.  Complex math concepts are confusing

Once a student enters Grade 10 math, he or she will encounter complicated math concepts involving many parts.  The challenge is to know when to use what equation! 

One strategy that QEA uses is to show the “big picture,” rather than going into the technical details right away.  Once the student understands the “big picture” - why each part exists and how they all relate to each other - he or she can then truly understand the math concept.  Applying the equations will now be much easier.

The QEA math tutoring program is one-on-one, private tutoring.  We build the student’s understanding of math concepts as well as their foundations through our coaching and the extra practice we provide.

Grade 9-10 Math Tutoring

Grade 9 -10 Math Tutoring in Mississauga and Oakville

Grade 9 and 10 math is a large leap from elementary school math, especially for those who scored 75% or lower. Many new math concepts are introduced, such as linear equations, quadratics and geometry.

Common challenges in Grade 9 and 10 math include thinking problems and word problems. Students need to strengthen their foundational skills to succeed in Grade 9 and 10, especially if they have gaps in their Grade 8 and 9 learning. Such gaps include integers, fractions, and linear equations. Students must work diligently in these areas in order to proceed on to Grade 11 math successfully.

Tips to study in Math 9 and 10


It is a good idea to organize math problems into types. This will help you to determine which math problems give you the most difficulty, and then you will be able to focus on those ones.


As well, make sure to spend a considerable amount of time practicing beyond the math homework being assigned by your teacher. A Grade 9 or 10 math student should be doing about 5 hours of math work a week in order to do very well on the course. Always avoid, if you can, last minute studying before the test. You will be better off if you assess your math skills and knowledge on a regular basis.

Grade 11 Math Tutoring

Grade 11 Math Tutoring in Mississauga and Oakville

Grade 11 Math represents an important stepping stone in progressing to the 12th grade. Students at this stage are often at a crossroads, namely whether to take the Mixed level math course or the Academic level math course. My advice to students would be to stick with the Grade 11 Academic Math, even if it requires a bit more work or a summer math upgrade. This course will open many doors to university programs ranging from engineering to business and many others. Unless a student is absolutely certain of the path they wish to take, it is probably better to stick with the more flexible math option.

There are many challenging units in grade 11 Math including exponents, transformation, trigonometry graphing, and trigonometry identities (the first time you will encounter proofs).

The simpler units include Quadratics, which is mostly a review of grade 10 material, and series and sequences.

Tips to study grade 11 math


Before taking this math course, try to strengthen your math foundational skills from grade 10. Key math skills include factoring (especially trinomials), fractions (grade 8-9 level), Linear systems and quadratics with a good understanding of domain and range, x and y intercepts and asymptotes. With math foundational skills down it will be easier to follow the lessons and work in this math course, and less time will be spent catching up on previous material.


Many grade 11 math questions involve multiple steps. Ensure you understand why you are undertaking each step from a logical or math perspective, and the pinpoint the goal of the steps, that is to say as ‘what am I trying to solve?’ Work through the steps after you have done this. By breaking the problems into steps, the questions will seem less overwhelming.

Advanced FunctionsTutoring

Advanced Functions Tutoring in Mississauga and Oakville

Advanced Functions a very important course for many students because most university programs require this course as a pre-requisite. The skills learned in the Grade 11 course are built upon in Advanced Functions, including factoring, graphing, trigonometry and exponents. Students will likely have varying levels of proficiency when taking Advanced Functions, as some units, such as polynomial functions, are quite simple, while others, such as trigonometry and proofs. Some students have thus described Advanced Functions as a rollercoaster ride of a course, with all the thrills (and challenges) that entails.

Tips to study Advanced Functions


It would be a good idea, before the beginning of Advanced Functions, to brush up on the foundations skills of  math, such as factoring (especially trinomial factoring), domain and range, graphing, adding rational expression, and trigonometry ratios. If you wait until the course beings, it may be difficult to keep pace with the new material in Advanced Functions. Foundations are always important, and as with all mathematics course, this one builds upon your past knowledge, so be sure to review before starting Advanced Functions!


Also, make sure to keep good, organized notes to stay on top of the course units in Advanced Functions. Do not be afraid to practice problems beyond those assigned in the homework, as Advanced Functions is known for containing a very wide variety of questions and problems, and therefore the more you expose yourself to such problems, the better prepared you will be. Because of this, the Queen Elizabeth Academy provides all of our students with extra worksheets on Advanced Functions and practice tests top hone their skills and succeed.

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Calculus Tutoring

Calculus Tutoring in Mississauga and Oakville

Calculus includes two different sections, one is derivative, or rather extends from work in Advanced Functions, while the other is Vectors Calculus, which is completely new.  Vector Calculus bears some resemblance to Physics in terms of problem solving. The Calculus derivative section will branch out from the work done in Advanced Functions and will include algebra, graphing, trigonometry and logarithms. The vector component is entirely new, involving 3D equation of lines and planes. The problem solving aspects of Vectors Calculus are similar to physics, and many students find this component of the course particularly difficult.


In order to succeed in Vector Calculus, make sure you are proficient in exponents, factoring, combining rational expressions such as fractions with algebra, and solving equations.

Make sure to pay special attentions to the Optimization Unit in Calculus, which includes many word problems. If you struggle with word problems, make sure to prepare for this Calculus unit in particular.  As always, make sure to keep your notes organized. Identify the different kinds of Calculus problems. This will help you to clarify the Calculus concepts in this course significantly, and also help to keep track of your progress.


When approaching vectors in Calculus, the concepts are highly complex. To address this, try to lay out and write down all of the steps clearly, and write down why you are taking such steps as well. What variable are you attempting to achieve at every step? This approach to tackle Calculus will simplify some of the more complex questions, and will also allow you to pinpoint areas in which you will require extra help.

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The Queen Elizabeth Quality

Queen Elizabeth Academy has a strong tradition of providing high quality education through our science tutoring programs.  Many of our students were admitted to top universities with scholarship ranging from $2,000 to $23,000.  Queen Elizabeth students alumni had build strong foundation, which had helped them to pursue their science career in university.  Many of our students alumni had successfully entered medical school and Master degree program in chemistry and biology. 

In our science tutoring programs, we coach our students with care and with easy to understand explanation over complex science concepts.  We work with our student through step by step

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