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Week 4

Python Coding

Summer Camp Oakville and Mississauga

(1 week, 5 classes, 2 hours / class,
Grade 4-8)
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Coding is a millennial skill, very high in demand in the job market, and promises to make any individual outstanding among others. Today, students compete to enroll in computer programs. In order to give your child the best exposure and nurture their interests, it is important to expose them to what programming is. It will be a fun summer camp week for your child, to learn these advanced skills.

The Python Coding week at the Brain Adventure camp is designed to introduce the students to fundamental concepts in coding, and then take them deeper into the course where they learn application in python coding. Python is a programming language that exposes your children to the basics of object-oriented programming.

In the Python Coding week, the young campers will:

  • Learn the fundamental concepts in coding
  • Will learn more about their interest in coding
  • Code with python and apply what they've learned
  • Learn computational thinking skills

Here`s a better part of our story: many students from Queen Elizabeth Academy have leveraged what they learned in our coding classes to gain admission into top computer tech high school programs, including the University of Waterloo computer science programs.

Key feature - Python Coding Week

Summer Camp Oakville and Mississauga (week 4)

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Live, interactive
summer camp mississauga oakville 4
Fun projects to
develop interest
in coding
summer camp mississauga oakville 5
Small class
sizes (5-6 students
per class)
summer camp mississauga oakville 6
work that mimics
software projects
in school
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10 hours of
Live instructions
+ 10 hours of
summer camp mississauga oakville 8
Fun and social
time to code
together with
new friends!



Summer Camp Packages:

Choice of:
1 Week
$220 / week
2 Weeks
$195 / week
3 Weeks
call for discount
4 Weeks
call for discount
Limit to 8 students per class
English Writing
Speech Presentation
Math Foundations
Python Coding