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Week 2

Summer Camp Oakville and Mississauga

Speech Presentations

(1 week, 5 classes, 2 hours / session,
Grade 5+)
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In the Speech Presentation week module, students learn the art of public speaking and building confidence. With this class, you can trust that your child will develop the necessary skill to speak effectively in front of a crowd and express their ideas.

Confidence is essential in the development of your child. But it takes patience and involves several steps. Usually, we ask each camper to begin with an oral presentation about themselves — more like games. These are sometimes impromptu presentations like “Tell us about your first vacation experience”. Finally, on the last day (speech day), each camper is asked to present a proper speech that they've written during the course of the week. It will be an awesome experience during this summer camp week!

Essentially, with the ability to speak confidently in public, your child learns a life skill, which will help them in the nearest future. Meanwhile, the speech presentation week also prepares them for their school presentation work in the following year.

Key feature - Speech Presentation Week

Summer Camp Oakville and Mississauga (week 2)

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step by step
summer camp mississauga oakville 4
Learn how
to express
your ideas
summer camp mississauga oakville 5
Learn how to
deliver a speech
Intro + Body +
summer camp mississauga oakville 6
Strategy to
speak with
minimum notes
summer camp mississauga oakville 7
Speech games
to learn public
speaking in a
fun manner
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Daily homework
and speech


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