Packages for Athletic Students

We have 5+ years of experience in working with top performing athletes.  Many of our athletic students have achieved exceptional academic standing, who were admitted to top universities such as Queen’s, Western, and reputable Colleges in the United States with scholarships.  

Our athletic students range from national champions in rowing, to provincial football, hockey players, to synchronized swimmers.  

All athletic students encounter similar dilemma: how to balance their work hours between academic and sports.  If this is not done properly, athletic students will have a weak foundation and struggle in their senior high school years.  

There are essentially 3 issues:  1) As top athletes are trained for 25+ hours a week, plus missing classes on play-offs, how to keep them on track in school work?  2) How to help them catch up in school credits?  And 3) How to ensure that they have a solid knowledge foundation, so that they can succeed in the senior grades?

Queen Elizabeth Academy offers comprehensive and flexible packages to support our athletic students.  

A thorough assessment of the student’s current academic status will help us provide a recommended plan based on the student’s academic needs.  This will be a 1 hour academic consultation.  During this period, we will provide an assessment test to determine the student’s foundation and any misunderstandings in mathematics.  We will also provide recommendations on the type of courses and tutoring based on the student’s goals and the university program he / she plans to apply for.   

(The fee for Assessment and Planning Consultation is $99, which will be waived if the student enrols in our Private Credit Course or Tutoring Program)


Assessment and Planning

Our Experience

The Challenges for Athletes

The Plan

Our 4 Steps Process

for Athletic Students

Assessment and Planning

Private Credit Course

1-on-1 Tutoring

Organizing Skill Coaching


Private Credit Course

Athletic students often need to fast track and catch up in their academic credits.  Queen Elizabeth Academy is authorized by the Ministry to offer high school credit courses, in the evening and in the summer.  The students will no longer have to compromise their time after school for their training sessions, but instead enroll in our evening and summer courses.  

Our small class sizes are less than 8 students to provide them with more teacher attention and caring to each students needs.  This is important especially if the students have knowledge gaps and need more attention.  Many of our students perform exceptionally well and are able to maintain 80%+ in their first year university mathematics courses.


1-on-1 Tutoring

Athletic students often face the problem of missing classes due to their training and competitions.  As a result, making sure that the student stay on track academically is important.  Our tutoring program provides exceptional support with a different approach.  We don’t wait for the students to ask questions – we actively teach the entire lesson.  This is especially effective if the student has knowledge gaps or misses an entire week of classes.  

We have 10+ tutors specializing in different subjects: Calculus, Chemistry, English 12, Math 11, Junior high school math and elementary math.  We aim to build a solid foundation with the student through our tutoring programs, so the student will benefit in the long run.


1-on-1 Coaching on Organizing School Work - Building Effective Study Habits

Last minute cramming is a common problem for athletic students.  Many of them don’t realize that they are behind but when the problem surfaces, it becomes too late and difficult to tackle.

Our approach is to help the student to organize and schedule their academic work accordingly.  In this way, we can ensure that the students are able to organize their priorities, and create realistic time slots to get work done.

In our once-a-week organizing session, our dedicated tutor will help the student divide their work throughout the week, create schedules and deadlines and keep them on track.  Our strategy is to breakdown projects, assignments and tests into manageable sections, so the student will know when and how to approach them. This will help the student manage his or her workload and avoid last minute cramming.

Many students who have joined our organizing program have experienced the benefit of building a long term, effective study and work habit.