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Brainy’s guides the career and academic exploration process with powerful assessments and analytics to help students make informed decisions about their futures.
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Useful Sites
Private elementary schools in Canada often requires an entrance exam called SSAT. This is the official link
Students who apply to US colleges will be required to write the SAT.
SAT contain English and Math section. The writing section for English
is optional for some US collages QEA provides SAT tutoring
international baccalaureate (IB) program is an enhanced high school program offered by most private schools and some public ones. You can gain an advantage in your university admission if you score really well on IB
We always recommend our students to try out the Waterloo math competition
This math contest starts in grade 8 (Gauss), running up to grade 12 (Euclid).
Students who achieve high ranking in Waterloo contests will be given special considerations and scholarship going into the University of Waterloo
This link contains free past contest for you to practice!
If you are a high school student and desire to improve on your "Thinking/ Inquiry" section of your math tests, I will strongly suggest you to practcie tough math problems on a weekly basis - getting used to problem solving and tackle tough math questions that you haven't seen before.
This email you can subscribe to weekly problems sent to your inbox
his name is Rob Gleeson, from the University of Waterloo Mathematics Department
If you are not sure which university program fits you, why don't you experience it first hand?
"This MIT opencourse ware offers free university courses, run by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)"
A summary of entrance requirement, cut off, number of candidates accepted in each university program
This university hub is run by OUAC, an Ontario government Agency. In this hub, you can find
if you are interested to apply to Wilfrid Laurier BBA program, scoring high in this competition will count as an important extracurricular activity
If you are interested to enter law school in the future, you can particpate in LAWS (Law In Action Within Schools) as volunteers, gaining experience and credentials. This program is run by the University of Toronto Law School