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Welcome to Queen Elizabeth Academy. We provide high quality, English tutoring for students in Burlington, who attend high school and elementary school.

Our team of English tutors are all specalized in English literature. We teach these foundation skills that is important for students to succeed in English courses as well as other project / essay intensive courses.

High school English Tutoring - Essay Writing and Critical Thinking

High school English is about essay writing and critical thinking. Students often times underlook these important skill and never learn them fully in school. They are often given essays and assignments and struggle on their own. How do you write a good thesis? How do you pick a good quote on your body paragraph and build arguments around it? At QE, we have tutors specialized in English literature to teach you all this, helping you through your English course, grade 9 to 12.

English is the most critical course for university application, and it's a foundation skill that takes time to build.

Anthony M.

English Teacher, English literature. A graduate
scholar at St. John's College Annapolis.

4 years of high school English teaching
experience at QE.

Elementary school English Tutoring - Sentence Structure and Buliding Foundations

Kids usually write the way they text. There is no structure. Often times they are blanked out when they are asked to write a paragraph or topic. Writing is a process, that kids need to learn how to brainstorm, organize their thoughts and write their ideas on paper, in a coherent and effective way. In our elementary English tutoring in Burlington, we teach effective writing that serves as a foundation for essay writing and high school English

Diana J.

English Teacher with 6 years of teaching experience

PhD candidate, York University major in English literature

3+ years of English teaching experience at QE

What to expect from our private 1 on 1 tutoring session:

  • Focus on essay writing and critical thinking (high school), and sentence structure / paragraph writing (elementary)

  • Work with the student on school essays and projects, from brainstorming ideas, formulating the structure, to point form, draft to essay editing.

  • Teach critical thinking, analyze literature work from school such as Shakespeare and novel books

  • Edit students draft during the session

  • Provide extra practice, essay writing prompts to strengthen the students foundation skills.


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Congrats to Orly O.
a QE student since grade 9

Admitted to Yale University

Congratulations to our students who were admitted to their top choice university (Queens, Wilfred Laurier, McGill etc.).  Our students obtained scholarships from $2,000 to $23,000
Jeff R. Queen’s Commerce
Paul M. Queen’s Engineering
Melissa W. Western Ivey
Taylor W. Western Medical Science
Josh M. OCAD
Miranda D. Wilfred Laurier BBA (Co-op)
Colin H. Queen’s Commerce
Stephanie L. Queen’s Commerce
Jeremy R. Western Ivey
Robbie M. Wilfrid Laurier BBA (Co-op)
Eric M. Wilfrid Laurier BBA (Co-op)
Jiv S. Wilfrid Laurier BBA (Coop)
Vivian T. U of T Rotman
Stacy L. Western Engineering
Laura P. Western Medical Science
David P. U of T Rotman
Britney R. Wilfred Laurier BBA (Co-op)
Monika S. Western Health Science
Lisa V. U of T Architecture
Katie F. McGill Arts
Carter S. Western Ivey
James B. Wilfred Laurier BBA
Sydney H. Queen’s Engineering
Brianna M. Waterloo Science
Sam A. Queen’s Science
Bill N. Waterloo Mathematics
Catherine M. McGill Engineering
Jennifer F. Queen’s Commerce
Craig C. Western Engineering
Allen T. Queen’s Engineering
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Stephanie L., who scored 95% and ranked top 15 in Canada, shares her secrets of success in QEA interview.
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Jerry T.
Admitted to Queen’s Commerce
english Tutoring Burlington
Taylor W.
Admitted to Western Medical Science
math tutoring Burlington 56
Sam A.
Admitted to Queen’s Science Honours

Success of QEA alumni

English tutoring Burlington
Mark J.
Investment banking analyst
Conaccord Genuity
Graduate of Western Ivey
QEA student alumni
English tutoring Burlington
Dr. T. Ward-able
Family Physician
Graduate of Western University
QEA student alumni
English tutoring Burlington
Stephanie L.
Microsoft Manager
Graduate of Queen’s Commerce
QEA student alumni
chemistry tutor Cambridge
Dilina L.
Corporate Lawyer
Graduate Queen's Law School
QEA student alumni
English tutoring Burlington
Julia S.
Business Dev. associate
Fidelity Investments
Graduate of Western University
QEA student alumni
English tutoring Burlington
Justin C.
Master degree candidate
UC Berkeley
Data analyst, Citigroup
Graduate of Boston University
QEA student alumni
English tutoring Burlington
Sam A.
MD Candidate
University of Queensland
Graduate of Queen’s University
QEA student alumni

Meet our English Tutors in Burlington

QEA’s approaches of tutoring English in Burlington

Diana J.
Diana is a PhD candidate, English literature, York University. She has 6 years of teaching experience to university and high school level students.

Anthony. M
English Teacher, English literature. A graduate scholar at St. John’s College Annapolis.
4 years of high school English teaching experience at QE.

Our English students have
achieved outstanding success

Paige M.
Admitted to Queen’s University student alumni of QEA enrolled in QEA English 12 private credit course

Kristen C.
Admitted to University of Waterloo student alumni of QEA enrolled in QEA English 12 private credit course

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English Tutoring Burlington
English Tutoring Burlington
English Tutoring Burlington
English Tutoring Burlington
English Tutoring Burlington
English Tutoring Burlington
English Tutoring Burlington
English Tutoring Burlington
English Tutoring Burlington
English Tutoring Burlington
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The QEA approach to English Tutoring Burlington

 - How is our tutoring lessons run?

The QEA Standard and How We Make a Difference

English Tutoring Burlington

Essay Writing

1. Essay Writing

English tutoring Burlington

Essay writing is a key requirement in high school English that most students don't have a clear idea on how to excel in this skill. What makes a good thesis vs. a poor thesis? How to select good quotes to build your arguments? How do you elaborate on your arguments? How to write a good introduction to stimulate the reader's interest?

These are all important elements that the student must master, and this is what our English tutors in Burlington teach our students.

Inquiry for Tutoring Burlington: +1 (365) 800-3775

Critical Thinking

2. Critical Thinking

English tutoring Burlington

Many students underestimate the importance of critical analysis and that 20-30% of the marks (application / thinking) are allotted to this section. As a result, many students struggle through this part or worse, ignoring it, which will end up showing in their poor grades. The common mistake student make in critical thinking, is summarizing the plot. Students are expected to perform deep analysis on the text. The key to critical thinking is asking "why". And from there you will be able to derive the significance of the plot, the character, etc, and begin your analysis. Our English tutoring Burlington provide comprehensive lessons on critical thinking. It takes time to master this, as this is a key foundation skill for high school English. It is important to get help early with QE English tutoring Burlington.

Inquiry for Tutoring Burlington: +1 (365) 800-3775

Reading Comprehension

3. Reading comprehension - understanding complex literature

English tutoring Burlington

In high school English courses, students are introduced to challenging literature. Examples include The Great Gatsby (grade 12), 1984 (grade 11), Animal Farm (grade 9), MacBeth (Grade 11), to name a few. Each of these books have themes that require indepth understanding. When you write your essay on these literature, you will need to include your analysis on these themes on your arguments. This is part of the application / thinking marks that covers 25-30% of your grades. Therefore, it is important for you to fully understand and analyze the text. QE English tutoring Burlington provide comprehensive lessons on these. With good explanation, you will be guided through these difficult literature and perform well on your essays and exams.

Inquiry for Tutoring Burlington: +1 (365) 800-3775


High School English Tutoring in Burlington

Common challenges that most students face in English:

1. Students write the way they write a text message.

Students nowadays are accustomed to writing short messages on their phones.  The problem is that these messages have no proper grammatical structure, which becomes a habit and a reflection of their poor English writing.  QEA first disciplines the students into using proper English structure and grammar, and then helps them to develop their writing skills in a step by step approach that involves brainstorming, outlining, and revising.

2. Students are too vague in critical analysis. They get penalized for marks

Often in high school English essays, students only state the plot of the story and neglect the in-depth analysis, which always leads to mark deduction. The student needs to go deep beyond the story; they need to tie their argument to a character or theme.  This portion accounts for a large portion of marks as students progress into senior English courses.

3. Students cannot grasp the key theme and information of a story or poem

Reading comprehension is a critical part of English. Through reading, students are expected to grasp the key information quickly. This is an important skill to develop in English. One key strategy is to ask a series of questions beforehand, such as: “What is the author trying to convey in this chapter?” When doing this, the student should have a plan in mind before reading, which will improve the effectiveness of their reading comprehension.

How to get high marks in English?

Common challenges for English 12

English 12 is difficult because of the volume of work and how demanding English teachers are. Students tend to misunderstand key components in their essay. As a result, they lose marks on critical thinking which often covers 20-30% of his work. For example, instead of analyze the Shakespeare text in the essay, the students will resort to plot summary, and lose marks on critical thinking

Tips to score higher marks on English 12

QE English tutoring Burlington focuses on two major skills - essay writing and critical thinking. Our tutors support our students through the critical units, such as Snakespeare, poetry, and novel studies. Students need to organize their time better, such as breaking down major essays into components and schedule to work on them accordingly. QE tutors will help you to brainstorm ideas, show you how to analyze the text, guiding you through the thesis, arguments and edit your drafts (when time permits). You will benefit both in your skills and your grades with QE English tutoring Burlington.

How to get high marks in English 11 (ENG3U)

Common challenges for English 11

English 11 is a senior high school course, in that teachers have higher expectation and demand on the level of literary analysis and essay. Students often times have difficulty on expressing their point of view in a clear and concise manner. One common error is to use big, complex vocab, trying to impress the teacher, but without considering the context and usage. Often times it is more effective to use clean, concise wording and arguments, while establishing a strong flow that is easy for the reader to understand.

Tips to score higher on English 11

QE English tutoring Burlington focuses on two major skills for our grade 11 students - essay writing and critical thinking. Each unit in grade 11 English requires are variation of each of these skills. We teach our students on developing thesis, arguments, writing compelling introductions and other key skills that you need to succeed in this course. We advise our grade 11 English students to allocate english enough time on their schedule to work through all the major essays, because it does take multiple drafts and brainstorming sessions to develop the theme, arguments, drafts and the final essay. You will benefit in your skills and grades with QE English tutoring Burlington.

English is the most crucial subject in high school because all university admissions require an excellent English grade. Achieving excellence in English in high school and primary school needs a wide range of skills, including reading comprehension (the capacity to extract crucial information efficiently), essay writing (the ability to convey the student's opinions effectively), and critical analysis (the ability to delve beneath the story to analyze characters, themes, and passages).

The QEA English tutoring program produces three essential skills: reading, writing, and critical analysis. The aim is to develop three skills sets with our English students by working through their English curriculum in school. In teaching English essay writing, for example, we educate our students on how to develop essay beginnings that can grab the audience's attention, how to construct a concise and strong thesis, and how to build arguments around the quotations from their Shakespeare plays or novels.

The Queen Elizabeth Standard on Academic Excellence

Queen Elizabeth Academy has a strong tradition of providing high quality education to our students. Our students have achieved academic excellence. Many of our students were admitted to top universities with scholarships ranging from $2,000 to $23,000. Queen Elizabeth students alumni had built strong foundation, which had helped them to pursue their path in universities. Our students alumni had entered top medical schools, pursue in their Masters and PhD, and were employed by top Bay St. firms and global companies.

Info Burlington


English course

with QE Tutoring Burlington

ENG4U English 12 Overview

ENG4U / English 12 is one of the most important courses in grade 12 for university admission

ENG4U English 12 - Course Description

English tutoring Burlington

This course emphasizes the consolidation of the literacy, communication, and critical and creative thinking skills necessary for success in academic and daily life. Students will analyse a range of challenging literary texts from various periods, countries, and cultures; interpret and evaluate informational and graphic texts; and create oral, written, and media texts in a variety of forms. An important focus will be on using academic language coherently and confidently, selecting the reading strategies best suited to particular texts and particular purposes for reading, and developing greater control in writing. The course is intended to prepare students for university, college, or the workplace.

What is taking ENG4U English 12 like?

English tutoring Burlington

This grade 12 English course is intended to prepare students for university level English, and is intended to foster critical thinking, and higher-level literacy, especially upon the coherent and confident use of formal academic language, and the development of reading strategies for a broad array of texts. The course is broken into four skill segments.

Oral Communication: This strand of the curriculum focuses on the student’s ability to communicate through spoken language, for example in a presentation to the class, or more generally in the way they answer questions asked of them in spoken English. It also includes the comprehension component of oral communication, that is to say the ability of students to understand and comprehend spoken English. These are extremely important and valuable skills that come in handy in day-to-day life.

Reading and Literature Studies: This segment of the curriculum evaluates a student’s ability to read English literature and to comprehend and analyze it. Shakespeare will be taught in this segment, as well as poetry and short stories. The goal is to leave with a capacity to read independently, critically, and with keen understanding of the text, as well as to be in contact with works of genuine cultural and literary importance.

Writing: the goal of this segment is to produce confident and effective writers who can organize their thoughts clearly, while producing strong and grammatically correct sentences. Beyond that the course will also focus on various forms of writing including the essay, which is central to higher level coursework in English and other disciplines. Students will be exposed to a variety of forms of writing, and given the opportunity to develop strong writing skills.

Media Studies: This segment focuses on analyzing and interpreting media texts, including graphics, sounds, and images. The influence of mass media and popular culture is explored and discussed critically. Students are given the tools to make sure they can be aware of the messages floating around mass media and online culture in an academic and critical capacity, as well as the capability to create their own contributions to that culture.

english tutor Burlington

English Tutoring on Reading Comprehension

Strategies to enhance reading comprehension skills

English tutoring Burlington

You must shift your focus from interpreting and understanding a tale to search for the story's aspects when you read a short story, novel, or any other English literature. This can be accomplished by examining the English text's significant events and making connections between them and recurring themes you see. For example, if a character behaves in the same manner repeatedly, consider why and how it affects the story's overarching theme. When you read, you should ask yourself questions to get you thinking critically about why something happened, why a character acted the way they did, and how all of this relates to the story's subject.

Another necessary procedure is to be a proactive reader. To be a proactive reader doesn't just mean to go through the text, but to know about new terminology, checking significant occasions, and having the option, to sum up. Additionally, don't spare a moment to summarize when required as your arrangement and, by and significant cognizance can improve the subsequent time.

This is what you will learn from our English tutoring Burlington

To inquire about our English tutoring Burlington,
Call Queen Elizabeth Academy at +1 (365) 800-3775
english tutoring

English Tutoring on Writing

Strategies to enhance writing skills

English tutoring Burlington

To further develop your composing abilities in English, you need to understand that instructors search for transparency, stream, and successful correspondence. To help your stream when article composing utilizes powerful progress words, for example, also, besides, in general, furthermore, and so forth… An English essay that follows is significant as it shows your English composing abilities and sentence plan. Each sentence should prompt the following for better correspondence of thoughts, focuses, and contentions.

The first step in writing an English essay is to create an outline. They help you see how your arguments will be constructed and ensure that your points are communicated. Also, before beginning an English essay, make sure that your point of view has been thoroughly investigated. The capacity to create points and develop your argument improves when you do research and acquire proof.

Before you begin writing an English essay, outline your ideas and views. To visualize your ideas and ensure that your points are adequately conveyed, use an outline and graphic organizers. Also, before beginning an English essay, make sure that your point of view has been thoroughly investigated. Performing research and gathering evidence helps you become a better writer when it comes time to making arguments and crafting a thesis.

This is what you will learn from our English tutoring Burlington

To inquire about our English tutoring Burlington,
Call Queen Elizabeth Academy at +1 (365) 800-3775
English tutoring

English Tutoring on Critical Analysis

Strategies to enhance critical analysis skills

English tutoring Burlington

Inferencing in elementary school is the starting point for critical analysis, which many junior high students do not understand or ignore. There are numerous strategies to improve your necessary thinking skills before entering high school, including doing so while you're reading.

When reading, consistently address and assess the qualities and shortcomings in characters, the creator as well as the general text. Remark on the advancement of characters and the creator's decision of portrayal and setting. To assist think with fundamentally posing the accompanying inquiries: Who are the creator and their point of view? Who is the designated crowd, and how does that impact how data is introduced? What is the moral or principle message of the message? Do you concur with the test, and for what reason do you agree or clash? These inquiries will permit you to burrow further than simply understanding the story; however, to dissect the specific pieces the creator has introduced and the reason for them.

This is what you will learn from our English tutoring Burlington

To inquire about our English tutoring Burlington,
Call Queen Elizabeth Academy at +1 (365) 800-3775
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High School English Syllabus

High School English Syllabus

In taking high school English course, here are the topics covered


ENG1D. Grade 9 English

Grade 9 English Tutoring Curriculum

Unit 1 : Stories of Yesterday - English tutoring Burlington

  1. Welcome to grade 9 English
  2. Stories of yesterday: Reading strategies
  3. Stories of yesterday: Elements of a short story
  4. Stories of yesterday: Character development
  5. Stories of yesterday: Setting
  6. Stories of yesterday: Conflict
  7. Stories of yesterday: Theme
  8. Stories of yesterday: Rhetorical devices
  9. Stories of yesterday: A documentary is like a story

Unit 2. Stories of Yesterday - English tutoring Burlington

  1. Stories of today: Nonfiction reading strategies
  2. Nonfiction - fact or opinion
  3. Nonfiction - the news report
  4. Nonfiction - writing a news report
  5. Nonfiction - essays
  6. Nonfiction - speeches and rants
  7. Nonfiction - news media coverage
  8. Culminating connections and independent novel portfolio

Unit 3. Stories of Tomorrow - English tutoring Burlington

  1. Back to the future
  2. Science fiction: Future considerations
  3. Science fiction stories
  4. Science fiction stories
  5. Future warnings
  6. Culminating connections and independent novel portfolio

Unit 4 : My Story - English tutoring Burlington

  1. Culminating activity - Documentary
  2. Preparing for the final test

ENG2D. Grade 10 English

Grade 10 English Tutoring Curriculum

Unit 1 : The Individual and Society - English tutoring Burlington

  1. Who are you?
  2. Are you a noisemaker?
  3. Are you a game-changer?
  4. Say what?

Unit 2 : Expressing Individuality - English tutoring Burlington

  1. The short story
  2. Take a stand
  3. The individual and technology
  4. Shaping identity
  5. Being persuasive

Unit 3. Emerging Identities - English tutoring Burlington

  1. The beginning: Archetypes
  2. Hero’s journey
  3. What is a hero?
  4. Chillin’ like a villain

Unit 4. Developing a Voice - English tutoring Burlington

  1. Dystopia
  2. Dystopian fiction
  3. Creating your own dystopian novel
  4. Preparing for the final test

ENG3U. Grade 11 English

Grade 11 English Tutoring Curriculum

Unit 1 : Power of the pen - English tutoring Burlington

  1. Introduction to the course
  2. Power of narrative structure
  3. Power of narrative point of view
  4. Power of persuasion
  5. Fact vs. opinion
  6. Op-eds
  7. The author’s message

Unit 2. Power of the voice - English tutoring Burlington

  1. Active listening
  2. Non-verbal communication
  3. Power of speeches
  4. Power of rants and spoken word
  5. Engaging an audience
  6. Essay writing

Unit 3. Power of me(dia) - English tutoring Burlington

  1. Power of the social media self
  2. Managing digital reputations
  3. Power of images
  4. Photo essays
  5. Independent reading wrap-up

Unit 4. Creating change - English tutoring Burlington

  1. Becoming an Agent of Change
  2. Preparing for the Final Test

ENG4U. Grade 12 English

Grade 12 English Tutoring Curriculum

Unit 1 : Discovering resilience in non-fiction - English tutoring Burlington

  1. Charting a resilient course
  2. Storytelling and resilience
  3. Oedipus Rex
  4. Hamlet
  5. Oedipus, Hamlet, and resilience
  6. Assignment: To be resilient, or not to be resilient

Unit 2. Encountering Resilience in Short Stories and Poetry - English tutoring Burlington

  1. Understanding literary lenses: Psychological lens
  2. Understanding literary lenses: Socio-economic lens
  3. Words that endure: Examining poetry and the gender lens
  4. Assignment: The power of words

Unit 3A. Examining Resilience in Modern Theatre - English tutoring Burlington

  1. Reading Death of a Salesman and building understanding with a contextual lens
  2. Interpreting motifs and symbols in Death of a Salesman
  3. Interpreting themes and symbols in Death of a Salesman
  4. Assignment: The art of thematic persuasion
  5. Applying the archetypal lens in Death of a Salesman
  6. Assignment: Choosing lenses

Unit 3B. Examining Resilience in Canadian Literature - English tutoring Burlington

  1. Reading Indian Horse and building understanding with a contextual lens
  2. Interpreting motifs and symbols in Indian Horse
  3. Interpreting themes and symbols in Indian Horse
  4. Assignment: The art of thematic persuasion
  5. Applying the archetypal lens in Indian Horse
  6. Assignment: Choosing lenses

Unit 4. Investigating Resilience in Media Portrayals - English tutoring Burlington

  1. Navigating media to learn about our communities
  2. Assignment: Call for change!
  3. Consolidating meaning through independent reading
  4. Assignment: Culminating project
  5. Wrap up and reflection
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Students tutored by QA in Burlington

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Paige M.
Admitted to Queen’s University student alumni of QEA enrolled in QEA English 12 private credit course

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FAQ on English Tutoring Burlington

How much is an English tutor in Burlington?

English tutoring in Burlington costs an average of $25, though the price of lessons may vary depending on factors such as the teacher's experience and whether the lessons are conducted online or in-person.

How can I tutor English in Burlington?

In order to obtain TESL Canada certification, it is required to have at least 100 hours of TESL/TEFL training, complete a 20-hour practicum teaching adults, and hold a Bachelor's degree in any field.

How to find English tutor Burlington?

Determine if hiring an English teacher is the right decision for you. Choose between individual tutoring or group classes. Consider cost-saving options outside of local English schools. Don't be swayed by a teacher's large Instagram following. Keep in mind that a native-speaking teacher is not always necessary. Look for a teacher who has the appropriate qualifications. Seek out a teacher who is engaging and interesting.

What do I need to tutor English in Burlington?

As an English tutor, your job responsibilities will differ based on the student's grade level and skill set. These duties may involve evaluating the student's strengths and weaknesses in various areas, creating lesson plans that concentrate on particular skills, and devising methods to enhance their overall performance.

How much should I charge as an English tutor?

That depends on your credentials, experience and academic achievements. QE welcomes tutors to join us, and if you are looking for a stable position to build your resume, come contact us.

How much is an English class per hour?

English classes varies depends on the grade level (g7 to university) and the materials you learn.

Come visit QE English page and we have detailed information on each program to improve your English.

Is hiring a language tutor worth it?

It is important to have proper and systematic coaching for English tutoring and this is what QE provides.

How many hours a week should I tutor?

It depends on your grade. If you are 80 or above, once a week should be fine. If you get under 70, we will strongly recommend to do twice a week.

How many times a week should I see a tutor?

It depends on the student's level. If the student is achieving 80% or above, then once a week should be fine. Anything below you should consider doing twice a week. A lot of time has to be spent on overcoming your foundation gaps, and at the same time keep you up on the current curriculum.

Is it worth paying for a tutor?

Yes if your tutor is good and if you are behind. It is important to build a good foundation, so you can excel in your high school year and be competitive on your university applications

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