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by Laura C. 
MD Candidate. 
Harvard University

Queen Elizabeth Advisor

Science tutoring in Mississauga, Oakville and Toronto

Build your Science foundation and confidence with our private science tutoring program
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Congratulations to Stephanie L., who ranked Top 15 in Canada selected by University Hub.

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Congratulations to our students who were admitted to their top choice university (Queens, Wilfred Laurier, McGill etc.).  Our students obtained scholarships from $2,000 to $23,000
Jeff R. Queen’s Commerce
Paul M. Queen’s Engineering
Melissa W. Western Ivey
Taylor W. Western Medical Science
Josh M. OCAD
Miranda D. Wilfred Laurier BBA (Co-op)
Colin H. Queen’s Commerce
Stephanie L. Queen’s Commerce
Jeremy R. Western Ivey
Robbie M. Wilfrid Laurier BBA (Co-op)
Eric M. Wilfrid Laurier BBA (Co-op)
Jiv S. Wilfrid Laurier BBA (Coop)
Vivian T. U of T Rotman
Stacy L. Western Engineering
Laura P. Western Medical Science
David P. U of T Rotman
Britney R. Wilfred Laurier BBA (Co-op)
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Jerry T.
Admitted to Queen’s Commerce
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during Covid 19
Sebastian G., a grade 12 student admitted to McGill University
Matt B., a grade 12 student admitted to Laurier Business

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Yun C.
Harvard University
Queen Elizabeth advisor
Meet our Tutors
QEA’s approaches of tutoring Chemistry, Physics and Biology
Dev D.
QEA Biology and Chemistry Tutor
Dev is graduated with a science degree at York University, currently enrolled in dental school. Dev has been working with QEA for 4 years

Chris L.
QEA Physics Tutor
Chris is our physics tutor, explaining his approach in teaching physics. Chris is going to John Hopkins University this fall studying PhD in Physics
Science Tutor Mississauga, Oakville and Toronto

want a decent Science tutor in oakville and mississauga and Toronto.QEAcademy Science Tutoring Services in the comfort of your home.Choose the best teacher and start improving your skills

Science is an important subject throughout high school, especially for students who desires to pursue the science route in university and in their future career.  There are boundless opportunities in science:  medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, engineering and bio-research.

And yet many high school students face challenges in science.  This discourages them from pursuing the exciting path of science, limiting their career choice in university.

Science is a combination of math, analytical skill, memorizing skills, understanding and applying concepts. 


Common challenges that most students face in science:
1. Weak foundational skills on science

Students begin with their science courses in grade 9 and 10.  Once they proceed into grade 11 chemistry, biology or physics, the foundational skill they learn in grade 9 and 10 become critical.  For example in chemistry, if the student is not proficient in compound naming or balancing chemical equations, then they will run into difficulty throughout the course.  Science is cumulative, therefore building a good foundation is the important first step towards success.

2. Science application questions.

Students are mostly accustomed to plugging in equations in math and deriving an answer.  In science however, there are application questions, which are “situational” based questions.  These science application questions, require the students to combine multiple concepts to derive the solution.  In short, they have to first know what science “tools” to use.

3. Students tend to memorize science concepts rather than understand them.

In science, many students underestimate how important it is to gain an in depth understanding of science concepts.  Memorizing science concepts may work for a time, but will not prove as helpful later on.

When a student encounter application question, where he or she is required to “apply” a concept into a different situation, memorizing simply won’t work. Students should seek to understand science concepts, rather than memorizing them. Understanding a science concept means knowing the “why” or “how” behind the fact, behind the equation or formula.

QEA science tutoring program is one on one, private tutoring. We are to build the student’s understanding of science concepts, their foundation, as well as building their skills over our coaching and the extra practice we provide.
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Chemistry Tutoring in Mississauga, Oakville and Toronto

Chemistry involves a combination of different understanding - from molecules, using periodic table, to analytical calculation.  To excel in chemistry, the students needs to understand concept and know how to apply them in different scenarios.  Chemistry also involves heavy mathematics, which is the analytical aspect of chemistry.  QEA tutors provide step by step explanation, helping students to understand the “why” behind the concepts, such that they will learn how to apply them.  Our chemistry tutor coach the student and walk them through the mathematics and analytical calculations, step by step.

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Tips to study chemistry
It is a good idea to review Chemistry Nomenclature and how to Balance Equations before proceeding to Chemistry. These are two absolutely essential skills in any chemistry course.
Once you come to the units in the chemistry course which involve calculations, make sure you lay out all of the steps individually, or else use a flow chart, with each box indication your result for each step, such as the values for mass of a chemical, volume of a gas or the number of particles. This can eliminate confusion in chemistry.
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Biology Tutoring in Mississauga, Oakville and Toronto

Biology involves understanding different parts of a biological system, how these systems function, and how they relate to the entire system.  The challenge that most students face in biology is understanding and remembering all of the minute details, and how each of the concepts connect to each other.  At QEA, our biology tutors are experts who have experience in explaining the complex concepts and biological systems in easy-to-understand language.  We also walk our students through the application questions, an area where most students lose marks on their biology tests.


Tips to study biology
When it comes to biological systems like cells, digestive systems, and genetics, you should try to reduce the complexity of the concepts by sketching diagrams and pinpointing how each part functions.
Try to explain the complex concepts in plain English.  This will test whether you fully understand the biological concepts or not.  As well, try writing down all of the details of a concept on blank pieces of paper.  Only then will you know whether you fully remember all of the details or not.  Remember - every single detail in biology counts for marks!
To inquire about our Biology Private Tutoring,
Call Queen Elizabeth Academy at (905) 257 - 9009
Physics Tutoring


Physics Tutoring in Mississauga, Oakville and Toronto

Physics involves building problem solving techniques, and understanding of complex concepts such as electricity and magnetism.  Most students are accustomed to plugging in equation and derive answers in Math.  When they encounter physics problems, they won’t know where to start!  At QEA, we teach our key techniques and strategies in physics: understanding when to use which physics equation.  This is a key skill that a student needs to master in order to succeed in physics.


Tips to study physics
Physics will require a great deal of practice, and it is advisable to dedicate around 6 hours a week to working through new problems if you desire to achieve above an 85% in the course.
Some of the units in physics are conceptually difficult, such as electromagnetism and light. To better understand a physics concept, try first to put it into plain English. Imagine that you are explaining this physics concept to a space alien, or your grandmother. What would you say? What is an electric field? What is Voltage? If you are able to understand the physics concept, and are not merely memorizing equations, it will make understanding equations and problems much easier.
To inquire about our Physics Private Tutoring,
Call Queen Elizabeth Academy at (905) 257 - 9009
The Queen Elizabeth Quality

Queen Elizabeth Academy has a strong tradition of providing high quality education through our science tutoring programs.  Many of our students were admitted to top universities with scholarship ranging from $2,000 to $23,000.  Queen Elizabeth students alumni had build strong foundation, which had helped them to pursue their science career in university.  Many of our students alumni had successfully entered medical school and Master degree program in chemistry and biology. 

In our science tutoring programs, we coach our students with care and with easy to understand explanation over complex science concepts.  We work with our student through step by step

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Matt B.
a grade 12 student admitted to Laurier Business
Sebastian G.
a grade 12 student admitted to McGill University
Andrew G.
admitted to Western University

Paige M.
Admitted to Queen’s University student alumni of QEA enrolled in QEA Englsih 12 private credit course

Kristen C.
Admitted to University of Waterloo student alumni of QEA enrolled in QEA Englsih 12 private credit course
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