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Welcome to Queen Elizabeth Academy, we provide high quality, one on one tutoring services. We focus on building the foundation of the students, through understanding and not memorizing. This is especially important for Calculus tutoring in Burlington. In this process, we help them to achieve their academic goals. If you are seeking a Calculus tutor in Burlington, you come to the right place!

The Best Calculus Tutoring Services in Burlington

Queen Elizabeth Academy offers the best tutoring services in building the foundation of our students. If you are a student enrolled in Calculus in Burlington, we can support you through our step by step explanation, by our professional tutor team.

The Queen Elizabeth Standard
of Academic Excellence

Queen Elizabeth Academy has a strong tradition of providing high-quality education to students in Burlington. For students who need Calculus tutoring in Burlington, we build the foundation of the student, not quick fix, to nurture their long term success.

Over the past 9 years, we worked with thousands of students in Ontario, including Burlington, many of whom were admitted to top universities: Waterloo, Queen’s, Western, Laurier, and McGill, with scholarships from $2,000 to $23,000.

Many of our alumni have entered medical schools, MA, PhD or employed by global firms such as KPMG and Fidelity Investments.

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Private Calculus Tutoring in Burlington

Calculus Tutoring Burlington

Learn the Calculus concepts and problem solving with our best private Calculus tutors in Burlington. We have good track record of our students achieving high grades in calculus, learn the foundation and maintain A average in first year calculus

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note that this is a sample of our physics class to give you an idea. Our AP calculus tutoring is similar and it's private one on one.

Calculus Tutoring Burlington

Calculus is a challenging subject for a lot of students. One challenge is the foundation gaps that students have from previous grades, such as factoring or graphing, combining with the complex concepts that students need to understand. Many students are accustomed to "plugging-in" formulas or memorizing steps. This will never work in Calculus. There are just too many variety of questions and students are required to work forward / backwards, combining different equations to solve a problem. The student also needs to understand when to use what, by recognizing clues on the question. This is always difficult for a lot of students.

The first step in our Calculus tutoring, is to explain the concept. Students need to understand what limits and derivative is, as well as the rationale behind the steps. We also rigorously go through the problems step by step, showing the tips on recognizing certain parts of the question and what methods to use. With good explanation and practice, student can advance and achieve good grades in both the Calculus course, including the tests and exams.

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How can our Calculus tutor in Burlington help you?

Calculus Tutoring Burlington

All QE Calculus tutoring in Burlington is one on one private. We teach the full lesson and review what you learned during the week. In this way, you won't miss anything.
Meet our Calculus Tutoring Team
Amjad M.
QEA Math Teacher
Master degree graduate, University of Toronto. 3 years of university calculus teaching experience (as a TA) and 3 years of high school tutoring experience at QE.

Calculus Tutoring Burlington

  • Build foundation of calculus based on understanding, not memorizing
  • Teach you Calculus concepts in a way that you can understand
  • Go through homework problems from your school
  • Go through difficult application problems with step by step explanation
  • Extra worksheet homework package, so you can practice a variety of problems - practice makes perfect!

Calculus Tutoring Burlington


Success Stories

Success Stories for calculus tutoring in Burlington

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Congratulations to Stephanie L., who ranked Top 15 in Canada selected by University Hub.

Calculus Tutor Burlington 1
Congratulations to our students who were admitted to their top choice university (Queens, Wilfred Laurier, McGill etc.).  Our students obtained scholarships from $2,000 to $23,000
Jeff R. Queen’s Commerce
Paul M. Queen’s Engineering
Melissa W. Western Ivey
Taylor W. Western Medical Science
Josh M. OCAD
Miranda D. Wilfred Laurier BBA (Co-op)
Colin H. Queen’s Commerce
Stephanie L. Queen’s Commerce
Jeremy R. Western Ivey
Robbie M. Wilfrid Laurier BBA (Co-op)
Eric M. Wilfrid Laurier BBA (Co-op)
Jiv S. Wilfrid Laurier BBA (Coop)
Vivian T. U of T Rotman
Stacy L. Western Engineering
Laura P. Western Medical Science
David P. U of T Rotman
Britney R. Wilfred Laurier BBA (Co-op)
  And more...
Calculus 1
Jerry T.
Admitted to Queen’s Commerce
QEA student success
during Covid 19
Sebastian G., a grade 12 student admitted to McGill University
Matt B., a grade 12 student admitted to Laurier Business

Our Math tutor can help you to achieve success in your Math courses

Success of QEA alumni

Calculus Tutoring Burlington 2
Mark J.
Investment banking analyst
Conaccord Genuity
Graduate of Western Ivey
QEA student alumni
Calculus Tutor Burlington 2
Dr. T. Ward-able
Family Physician
Graduate of Western University
QEA student alumni
Calculus 2
Julia S.
Business Dev. associate
Fidelity Investments
Graduate of Western University
QEA student alumni
Calculus Tutoring Burlington 3
Justin C.
Master degree candidate
UC Berkeley
Data analyst, Citigroup
Graduate of Boston University
QEA student alumni
Calculus Tutor Burlington 3
Sam A.
MD Candidate
University of Queensland
Graduate of Queen’s University
QEA student alumni
Meet our Calculus
tutors in Burlington

Meet our Calculus tutors in Burlington

QEA approach to calculus tutoring in Burlington

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Nikki V.
QEA Math Teacher
Nikki is a certified teacher with Master degree in Education from University of Toronto. She has been working with QEA for over 6 years, and many of QEA top students came out of her class
QE tutor's approach
to Calculus
Amjad M.
Master graduate,
University of Toronto
QE Calculus Tutor
Kosal C., explains our approach of tutoring Math
Kosal C.
Master candidate, Mathematics
York University
QEA Math Tutor

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QEA AP Calculus Tutoring (and other subjects) - in Action!

Calculus 3
Calculus Tutoring Burlington 4
Calculus Tutor Burlington 4
Calculus 4
Calculus Tutoring Burlington 5
Calculus Tutor Burlington 5
Calculus 5
Calculus Tutoring Burlington 6
Calculus Tutor Burlington 6
Calculus 6
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Common Challenges of Calculus students

Calculus Tutoring Burlington

1. Weak foundation skills in Calculus

We often advise that students should strengthen their foundation skills in grade 11 math and advanced functions. Most students are able to execute the first or second step in calculus, but fail to proceed and simplify the solution. Most of the marks, unfortunately, is allocated to these crucial steps, which tied to the student's foundation skills. The first lesson we do in calculus tutoring Burlington, is to review the foundation skills with the students. This includes factoring, domain and range, etc.

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Foundation skills checklist in Calculus

  1. Factoring (especially trinomial factoring)
  2. Domain and Range
  3. Basic graphing
  4. Rational functions
  5. Expanding polynomials
  6. Exponents
  7. Trigonometry (for trig derivatives)
  8. Logarithms (for log derivatives)
  1. Asymptotes
  2. Rationalizing functions
  3. Combining conjugates
  4. Slopes and Tangents
  5. Combining fractions with algebra
  6. Piece-wise functions
  7. Linear functions, substitution and eliminations

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2. Word problems

This is common in calculus course and many of the units, and poses a major challenge for students. Most students are unable to connect the words and requirements to the equations, not knowing how to apply the concepts. Optimization and Related Rates, along with other application problems are difficult.

Our approach is focus on understanding, and teach our students in the way that they can understand. The next step is to show the student how to apply the concepts in a variety of scenarios.

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3. Vectors

Vector consists of half of the calculus course, yet it is very different from the core concepts of calculus. It is more akin to linear algebra, with 3D graphing. Students without a physics background will find these units very difficult. The toughest part is that the concepts are all interconnected, and the student is required to understand these connections and apply the right approach to solve problems.

Our approach to vectors is to explain the why behind the steps, the rationale and how each concepts are connected. Memorizing equations in the vector units is of no use. The student needs to understand, not memorize.

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The QEA math tutoring program is one-on-one, private tutoring.

We build the student’s understanding of math concepts as well as their foundations through our coaching and the extra practice we provide.

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Study effectively
with QE
Tutoring Burlington

Enhance your study with QE Calculus Tutoring Burlington

How do you study more effectively with our Calculus tutoring in Burlington? The key lies in a good team work with our calculus tutors in Burlington. QE will provide good lessons so that you can understand the concepts. This will give you a boost in your confidence. But remember, if you want to excel in calculus, merely getting good calculus tutoring isn't enough. You need to spend time and practice. This consistent effort that you put in will distinguish you from a top student and an average student.

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How to get the most out of QE Calculus Tutoring Burlington

1. Read ahead

It is important for you to know what you don’t know. This involves reading ahead before the tutoring session. Our Calculus tutors in Burlington will explain to you the concepts during our lessons and attempt to find out your gaps. However, it will be very effective if you know your gaps ahead of time. All our top students do that, they read ahead, circle on the parts they don’t understand, and seek clarifications right away.

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2. Make your own study notes

After the sessions in our Calculus tutoring in Burlington, we advise you to write your own notes. To start off, you can screenshot your lessons our calculus tutors in Burlington write on screen, when it’s conducted online. You can then organize it. From our lessons, read over the textbook and try out the practice questions. You can then summarize in your own words, with the example questions you attempted. Why not just rely on QE calculus tutor’s notes? Yes you can do this, but you can understand much better if you summarize them in your own words, and you can apply better on tests.

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3. How to manage your time better with QE Calculus Tutors in Burlington?

Time management is a key to your success, especially when you enter senior high school grades. The key to time management is to dedicate a time that you can put 100% of your efforts in your studies. We recommend you to use a calendar, so you can visualize your plan.

All our top students do this. You can pencil down a dedicated time, say Mon to Fri 5-6pm, for calculus, or other subjects. During this time, you take out all the distractions - turn off your phone, wifi, and focus solely on your work. You want to dedicate 100% of your effort to your work. QE Calculus tutors in Burlington will provide you with homework, plus you get the ones from your school. Therefore, you time in making your own study notes and practice through the homework is important.

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Any tips from QE tops students - with QE Calculus tutors in Burlington?

Here are two interviews that we conducted with Caroline (admitted to Cornell University, Engineering) and Madhavan (admitted to university of Michigan, neuroscience program).

You can get a lot of good tips from them! The key is not just listening to them, but to start using it!

Caroline C.

Admitted to: Engineering at Cornell University

QEA student alumni

Calculus Tutoring Burlington

Madhavan A.

Admitted to: Neuroscience program University of Michigan

QEA student alumni

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If I am doing poorly, how can I use the help from QE calculus tutoring in Burlington?

If you aren’t performing well in the subject, chances are you have foundation gaps. The first step is really to address your foundation gaps. That’s also one of the focus on QE Calculus tutors in Burlington. Once we discover your gaps during the tutoring session, we will re-teach you that particular component. Take an example, a lot of grade 11 and 12 students struggle with factoring, that’s one of the common foundation gaps. We will then re-teach it. Now, once you understand how to perform it, you need to practice at least 10-15 questions, so it sinks with you.

The next step is to review the lessons after the tutoring session. The best way is to write your own study notes. Then you need to practice homework problems. If you do all these 3 things, you will see measurable improvements from QE Calculus tutoring in Burlington.

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If I am doing well, and want to achieve higher to enter the top universities, how can I use QE Calculus tutoring in Burlington?

QE have such good track records, on our students to Waterloo, Laurier, Queen’s, Western and McGill. We know the process and what it takes. To maintain a good grade, you need to schedule dedicated time to your study. Practice is really key. QE Calculus tutors in Burlington will provide you with good lessons and if you are already achieving 80%+, then we will focus on the tough, application / thinking problems. The challenge for these types of problems is that your teachers always change the questions on tests. It is imperative for you to practice a variety of problems, and with the explanation from QE tutors in Burlington, you will understand how to apply your knowledge on tests.

Keep in mind that, if you are aiming for the top schools, they are very competitive. You need to always keep up the work, and with the support from QE Calculus tutors in Burlington - You can do it!

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Calculus Tutoring Burlington


Calculus Tutoring North York

How can math tutoring in Burlington help my child?

Math tutors may provide kids with the skills and talents they need to achieve not only in math (advanced functions, calculus, etc.) but throughout their academic careers by providing support and personalised study programmes. Math tutors assist kids gain confidence, improve study habits, and prepare for college by providing advanced content.

How can my child achieve higher grade?

If your child requires more one-on-one attention than their school can provide, private tutoring is a good option to public schooling. Higher exam scores, more subject matter knowledge, more time for individualised attention with fewer interruptions, and better grades are just a few of the benefits.

How is calculus used in real life?

Calculus is used to improve the architecture of essential infrastructures such as bridges, as well as buildings. Calculus (Integration) is used in Electrical Engineering to compute the exact length of electrical line required to connect two substations that are thousands of miles apart.

What is calculus example?

The procedure of computing the area beneath a graph of a function is known as integral calculus. Calculating the distance travelled by a car is an example: if one knows the speed of the automobile at various periods in time and draws a graph of this speed, the distance travelled by the car will be the area under the graph.

What math is used in calculus?

Calculus is a combination of algebra and trigonometry with the addition of limits, which aren't all that difficult once you figure them out. Calculus is usually only used for one step in the problem; the remainder is simplified using algebra and trigonometry.

How much does a calculus tutor cost?

Pricing is hourly and varies by tutor, with certified calculus tutors charging as low as $10 per hour and as much as $500 per hour.

How do I find a tutor for calculus?

You can discover calculus tutors in a variety of methods. Check local job boards at the community college, talk to a school counsellor, or put an ad on a site like Craigslist if you're searching for someone who can work with your child or yourself in person. The easiest way to do this is to contact us, Queen Elizabeth Academy, and ask about the courses you are interested in.

Is calculus hard to learn?

Calculus is a difficult and challenging subject for the majority of high school students. It serves as an introduction to higher-level mathematics for math majors. Calculus will be one of the simpler classes you take during your freshman and sophomore years if you desire to pursue a math degree.


How to Build a Solid Math Foundation

Calculus Tutoring Burlington

Regardless of how one feels about the subject, it is indisputable that Math is a necessity in school. Thus, it is important to train oneself in the basic foundations in order to become successful in the later grades, pushing yourself into life after high school. There are 4 basic components in math: basic skills, tougher concepts (gr 10-12), variations in questions, and problem solving.

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  • Building Basic Skills
  • Tackling Tough
    Concepts (G11-12)
  • Practicing a variety of Questions
  • Problem Solving

This article intends to change your child’s mind about math, and try to get him or her interested in a subject that has infinite potential. With inspiration, your child will gain a love for math and followed success.

1. Managing Time

2. Prioritizing

3. Persistence

4. Confidence

Meet our Calculus tutor Burlington

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Queen Elizabeth Academy!

Students tutored by QEA in Burlington

Matt B.
a grade 12 student admitted to Laurier Business
Sebastian G.
a grade 12 student admitted to McGill University
Andrew G.
admitted to Western University
with QE Math Tutoring Burlington
Calculus Course Overview
Calculus Tutoring Burlington

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MCV4U Calculus and Vectors
Private Credit Course Overview

MCV4U / Calculus and Vectors is one of the most important Math courses in grade 12 for university admission

Calculus tutoring Burlington

MCV4U Calculus and Vectors - Course Description

Calculus tutoring Burlington

This course builds on students’ previous experience with functions and their developing understanding of rates of change. Students will solve problems involving geometric and algebraic representations of vectors and representations of lines and planes in three-dimensional space; broaden their understanding of rates of change to include the derivatives of polynomial, sinusoidal, exponential, rational, and radical functions; and apply these concepts and skills to the modelling of real-world relationships. Students will also refine their use of the mathematical processes necessary for success in senior mathematics. This course is intended for students who choose to pursue careers in fields such as science, engineering, economics, and some areas of business, including those students who will be required to take a university-level calculus, linear algebra, or physics course.

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What is taking MCV4U Calculus and Vectors like?

Calculus tutoring Burlington

There are two different sections in this course; the first is derivative or extends from work in Advanced Functions; the second other is Vectors, which, unlike the first, is totally new. Vectors are essentially similar to Physics when it comes to problem-solving.

The derivative section takes root in work done in Advanced Functions and will typically include algebra, graphing, trigonometry, and logarithms.

The vector aspect of the course includes 3D equations of lines and planes. Because of the similarity of vector problem-solving to physics, many students find this course component more complicated than the first one.

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Tips to succeed in MCV4U Calculus and Vectors

Calculus tutoring Burlington

For students to succeed in Vector Calculus, they must be proficient in exponents, factoring, combining rational expressions such as fractions with algebra, and solving equations.

You want to pay special attention to the Optimization Unit, which usually includes many word problems. However, if you have trouble dealing with word problems, be sure to prepare for this unit in particular. Do not forget to keep your notes organized while you identify the different kinds of problems. This will significantly help you to clarify the concepts in the course, and to keep track of your progress.

The concepts of vectors are very complex. So when approaching vector problems, be sure to layout and write down all of the steps clearly. Also, write down why such steps are necessary. For instance, what variable are you attempting to achieve with each step? This approach will undoubtedly simplify even more complicated questions and allow you to easily identify areas where you need additional help.

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