Routine Tutoring
Modified Semester

What does the modified semester mean to your child’s learning and marks?

Your child will attend alternating week. Subject 1, 2 first week, subject 3, 4 second week etc

  • Learning will be interrupted because after skipping a week of class, when your child goes back to the subject on week 3, he / she will forget a lot of materials.
  • Your child will get weaken foundation and begin to develop gaps.
  • Preparing for tests will become more challenging, because every other week they have to review everything from a month of materials.
  • Class hours and lessons are still cut in half. For each subject, the standard was 110 hours, now it is still cut into 55 hours, where your child still needs to learn most of the materials by themselves.

QEA Routine Tutoring

QEA private one on one tutoring, is a weekly routine tutoring program to provide a structure and routine learning for your child to excel in the subject.

Structure and routine learning means that your child will get weekly lesson to review what they learn in class, in addition to homework / extra worksheets, and test preparation.

We focus on building the foundation of our students, as this is essential for subject such as math, chemistry, physics and biology, as every year is built upon the previous one.

QEA has a long track record (9 years) of success, with our students successfully admitted to Waterloo, Queen’s, Western, Wilfrid Laurier and McGill, with scholarships ranging from $2,000 to $23,000.

Week 1
(the student has class)
  • Review the Concepts taught in class
  • Focus on foundation and fix up gaps
Week 2
(the student does not have class)
  • Focus on application and thinking problems
  • Preparation for tests
  • Weekly extra worksheets with difficulty mimicing the level of tests
  • Homework check at the beginning of each session

Subjects offered:

Senior High School (Grade 11-12): Advanced Functions. Calculus. Chemistry. Physics. Biology. Math 11. English 11, English 12.

Junior High School (Grade 9-10): Math 9, 10. Science 9, 10. English 9, 10. History. Georgraphy.

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*Note that Queen Elizabeth premise are currently located in Mississauga, Oakville and Etobicoke. For the other locations, we offer online live tutoring over zoom.

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Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth Academy:

Unit 5, 1020
Johnson’s Lane
Mississauga. ON.

+1 (365) 800-3775

Queen Elizabeth Academy
+1 (365) 800-3775
Unit 5, 1020 Johnsons Lane, Mississauga