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Math 7 Tutoring in Edmonton

It is important to build a good foundation for Math 7, for our students in Edmonton.

Grade 7 math is critical because it prepares the student for high school math, which is a large leap from elementary school math, especially for those who scored 75% or lower. Many new math concepts are introduced, such as linear equations, quadratics and geometry.

The key is the foundation skills: integers, fractions, algebra, order of operations. Many children have gaps in these area and often times ignore them, simply because the tests aren’t rigorous enough to spot these gaps. In addition, your child should begin to tackle word problems, problem solving, which translate to application and thinking problems in high school. Building a good foundation in grade 7 and 8 will make the transition much easier into high school, and strengthen your child’s confidence.

Math 7 is always a challenge for students in Edmonton.

At QEA, we focus on building the student’s math foundations for their long term success. Since QEA is an inspected school under the Ministry of Education, we have in-depth knowledge of the math curriculum and how each math building block leads to the next. Through easy-to-understand lessons and step-by-step explanations, most of our students progress well in math and develop a passion for it.

It’s important to get tutoring support in Math 7 in Edmonton.

Math 7 Tutoring in Edmonton
Build your children’s foundation skills


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