Physics 12 Tutoring in Waterloo

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Physics 12 Tutoring in Waterloo

Physics involves building problem solving techniques, and understanding of complex concepts such as electricity and magnetism. Most students are accustomed to plugging in equation and derive answers in Math. When they encounter physics problems, they won’t know where to start! At QEA, we teach our key techniques and strategies in physics: understanding when to use which physics equation. This is a key skill that a student needs to master in order to succeed in physics.

QEA physics tutoring program is one on one, private tutoring. We are to build the student’s understanding of science concepts, their foundation, as well as building their skills over our coaching and the extra practice we provide.

Physics 12 Tutoring in Waterloo
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Queen Elizabeth Academy is a private tutoring institution with a strong tradition of providing high-quality education to students. Most of our students have achieved academic excellence. Many of them are currently studying in top universities with scholarships ranging from $2,000 to $23,000. Students alumni of Queen Elizabeth Academy are known for building strong foundations, which helps them in further academic or career pursuit. Lots of our alumni have entered top medical schools; others continued with their Masters and Ph.D., while some were employed by top Bay St. firms and global firms

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